Mother’s Day

Another wonderful Mothers Day! May is becoming my FAVORITE month….not only is it Mothers Day, but my BIRTHDAY is on Monday and then we kick off the summer with a memorial Day BBQ!! The boys made it a very relaxing day. I enjoyed every single bit of it. My hubby and boys just made me smiley ALLLLLL day! They sure know how to make a girl feel special. Reggie and I both made a commitment to make sure that all of the holidays we celebrate are Christ centered and focused not only on his blessings but also what he has promised us!

I really wanted to take a family picture BUT the boys wouldn’t sit down with ME:0(…and Reggie’s hair….welll mmmmmm…he missed his weekly hair cut….lol….:0) But I did manage to snap a few good ones..Reggie took the ones of me and the boys!


Me and Mikah Bear….




Me….I hate taking pictures…funny because I use to be a camera hog:0) But now I love being behind the lens!



I took this one at my parents house…the lighting is sooooo yelllow! But turning it into a vintage made it PERFECT…so cute! You should hear him say his prayers…he has a list that goes on an on…”thank you for mommy thank you for daddy for Mikah for papa for momma c thank you for nana for aunties and uncles thank you fo karmicheal for animals for ontario alexia vitee vonye thank you for coloring”…once you meet him your added to the list:0)


  1. Mikel!!!! I don’t think I have been added to the prayer list!!! lol, just kidding. Beautiful pics as always.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Now this is a list I want to be on!!! How can we work this out? Does he do play dates with adults? haha kidding :) but I seriously want on this list!!! :)


  3. that is so sweet.. mikel’s prayers. mj does the same thing… I may blog about it sometime.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day! :)

    Precious photos. You are quite the hottie. :)

  5. Love the pictures. You look SO good! Love the picture of Mikel praying…so sweet!


  7. Destiny!!! The pictures are beautiful! May is your month isn’t it!!!! You look great in front of the lens girl! Get out of here! You are beautiful! Remember we have to embrace every look we sport in our lifetime! It’s life I guess! lol ;) The boys are so handsome! The shots you got were amazing as usual! :) See you soon birthday girl! :)

  8. Wait! I completely didn’t give Reggie his props! lol Reggie! So photog is a family biz now! huh?!? lol He did great! I need to get Karmy involved with the picture taking more often! lol You guys are so cute! ;)

  9. The sweetest post ever. I love to hear my boys pray, it truly melts my heart.

    And the commitment to make ALL holidays Christ centered, so wonderful.

    “…As for me and my household we will serve the LORD.” (Joshua 24:15) It is so beautiful to see families living that out. Thanks for sharing and God Bless!!!

  10. Love momma and lovely family! :)

    First visit!

    Adin B

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