My Computer is Sick….

Yep. My good ole Dell is sick. Both my laptop and desktop. I managed to kill some viruses on my desktop, so that’s good. But my laptop is my blogging hub. I’ve got all my precious photos on there! I have about 94% of my pictures on an external hard drive, PRAISE THE LORD! BUT because of the crazy holiday season I haven’t backed anything up the last few months. Thanksgiving, New York Trip, Christmas, all might be lost. I don’t know about you but when I start to have computer issues, my true colors start to come out…

A lot of under my breath words were said. Some inappropriate and others, very inappropriate.

So all this frustration has got me thinking about purchasing a non virus safe as a button computer… know what I’m talking about? Yep, a good ole MAC. I received a gorgeous iPad from my hubby this Christmas and it’s a dream. Super easy to navigate, super chic and cute. (because that matters right!) I’m so excited about this year and then my computer had to go and act like the devil…tryin to kill my blog world joy!! haha

So in the mean time I will

A) try to get my virus infected computer up and running again

B) be looking for a new shiny MAC

C) be rocking back in fourth in a fetal position because A and B are not options

until then!


  1. Oh no, that stinks! Our desktop had a bunch of viruses on it last week. It was bad. Luckily, we purchased tech support from Iyogi and they were able to remove them. In the midst of everything we almost lost all of our pictures and saved documents. I was like you, almost in the corner in a fetal position, crying like a baby. I hadn’t backed my stuff up, but they were able to save everything!!!!! Hope your computer issues get resolved soon, so you can put your mind at ease. :)

  2. I would die!

    The GIANT reason I went Mac – will never, ever go back!

  3. Please keep us updated on how much you love your new MAC. I’ve had a mental battle going on for two years over whether I should switch or not. My laptop drives me NUTS!

  4. I wasn’t gonna say it when I first saw your Instagram about this…but since you said it now… YES you should get a MAC. I made the switch about 3 years ago when my PC got a virus that crashed windows and I’ve never looked back or regreted it! The people at Apple are always so willing to help, when I’ve had some minor problems I just take it in they fix it for free most of the time and wahla good as new! Their customer service is top notch! I would looked at getting a refurbished one (that’s what I got) and it’s worked amazingly for me. It’s a little cheaper too, you can find that section at

    LEt me know if you have questions!

  5. I feel your pain. My computer and I were not friends today. (I may have shed a few tears out of anger, frustration and just plain wimpyness.)
    Good luck!

  6. so sorry!!! We had an HP desktop that kept getting viruses and bringing up inappropriate pictures for our viewing pleasure (not!!! especially with 3 little kids). Anyhow we did end up going with a MacBook which was way over our budget, but we managed to figure it out. Our Mac is 3 years old now and I LOVE it! I will never go back to a PC. We have had zero problems and no inappropriate content popping up on us. Actually no pop-ups at all. Go for it-you will never use a PC again. Mac’s rock!!!

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