My Favorite Things Party {Easy Entertaining}

If your looking for a good themed party idea you might just want to try this one!!

I love gathering my friends and family for parties all the time. As I mentioned before it’s a perfect opportunity to open your home to your family and friends and people you may have just met!

I first thought of this idea when I saw one of Oprah’s first favorite things shows. I just thought it was a great idea! How cool would it be to hand all of your friends tons of your favorite products that you can’t live without. I knew if I got all my favorite things for my friends I would go BROKE! So I thought instead why not have all my girlfriends bring THEIR favorite thing and have an exchange! Then everyone would leave with a bag full of everyone’s favorite things!

Here are some of the party details and party décor. I’m all about easy entertaining…so here is what I did!

I used a brown paper package theme buy using inexpensive brown bags to load my goodies in. I also made some gift tags using Photoshop and the free Shabby Princess Digital Papers…Two Soon. The yellow and green were perfect for spring. I’m really loving yellow these days:0)



I pulled some flowers from around the house and tagged these flower pots..remember the ones I picked up for 99 cents!


For the table I used coordinating drinks, candy and seasonal fruit! I also made lemon cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes! This table was set up for UNDER 20.00!!!!

For food and munchies. I had all the girls bring over their favorite dish. We had all types of yummy food!!


My favorite thing to everyone was this beautiful BLOOM vinyl provided by Birdie Graphics. I ordered 16 of them at a discounted price for every girl in different colors. They also got a free birdy to practice with:0)


Take a look at everyone else’s favorite things….









All the girls had a great time! Can’t wait to do it again!

What different entertaining ideas do you have for your girlfriends? If you end up throwing your own favorite things party or have any questions just let me know!

 Check out my newest Favorite Things Party HERE!



  1. Oh my word!! It’s beautiful! So bummed I missed it, can we have a favorite things party in the Fall too?!!?

    Great job, everything looks beautiful!

  2. What a great idea! The table is stunning as well! Love it….

  3. I LOVE this idea!

  4. You are too amazingly creative! I found you through Decor Chicks announcement that you won the Silhouette. I am glad I found you too! I subscribed to your e-mails and look forward to seeing what you have in store! Have a wonderful day!

  5. How fun was this party!!!!!! I really enjoyed myself with the ladies and the goodies!!! Favorite things party is an annual classic!

  6. What a neat idea! Where were the measuring spoons from? I’m totally in love with them.

  7. I am so in love with this idea!!! What did you do for the invites? I am starting to plan my party already for June!!


  8. Congrats on the Silhouette machine! Lucky!! This party sounds like a great idea! And, you did such a fantastic job on presentation! I love it. Beautiful photos.

  9. @christine
    I actually just did a facebook invite! I think EVITES would be great and anything that matches the color scheme you choose will go perfect! I would love to see photos when your done! Awesome!!

  10. SO I was checking out the blogs of the ladies that attended the Creative Estates Conf. I wasn’t able to go and I am STILL bummed. I live just 20 minutes away! SO, I’m LOVING your blog!! LOVE! Newest follower BTW! BUT I had to tell you this….Emily with Decor Chick is my SIL and I kept texting her and leaving her these lil messages about how it’s MY birthday on the 29th and how AWESOME it would be to win a Silhouette! Ya know….like hint hint! JUST PICK ME and you got my bday present covered! BUT NO!!! She did things the honest way and now YOU have my Silhouette!! LOL Totally kidding! I just thought it was cool that she didn’t give into my “hints” and that thru checking out the CE blogs I found you! PRETTY COOL! :)

  11. Hi Destiny. Your blog is beautiful I just popped over from your guest post. Your house and especially your daughter’s room is fabulous!
    I’m stopping by from my home at I hope you’ll stop by for a visit too!
    Great to meet you!

  12. I love this idea! I’d love to host a Favorites Party as well! I’m curious whether you set a price limit on the favorite items, and how many guests do you recommend having?

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