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Hello Homelovers!

Happy Monday evening to you! Hope you’ve had a great day so far!

Today on My Style Monday I’m talking about black doors…one of the most delicious design elements ever. Black doors aren’t a new concept but it’s something that has caught my eye in the last few years. One of the first project I did when I moved into my new home was painted my front door BLACK inside and out! I think when you pair it with white or any other neutrals, the combination is stunning. It instantly gives off a classy, high style feel to any room!

Here is my black front door…..

Check out some of these stunning images via Pinterest!

black doors

The thing I love about black doors is that it hides finger smudges and boot rubs pretty well. BUT dry dirt seems to be seen pretty easily! By using a semi gloss or glossy paint your will be able to wipe it down without a problem.



I love how these black doors add to the symmetry of this room.

This one has to be my favorite though. A beautiful black DUTCH door coupled with brick floors really gives this room some rustic charm!


Looking for a good black paint to get started? I just finished painting my laundry room door black using a semi gloss latex paint from ACE applied using a 39 cent sponge brush:0) I LOVE those things!  If your looking to achieve a high gloss sheen make sure you use oil base paint! Or you can even try a lacquer finish for a show stopping door!

So how do you guys feel about black doors? Do you have any in your home? What about your front door? Is that painted black?



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  1. Love your blog, I just discovered it a couple of weeks ago. My front door is black inside and out too – best thing I ever did – LOVE it!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!!

    My front door is painted black! I would love to paint all the doors in my home black, but because of the layout I am afraid if I painted them all black it would make my house look too dark. I have a lot of dark wood and I am afraid it would just make it look too heavy. =(

  3. I love black doors. So dramatic and classy. I’d consider it if my front door wasn’t new and mahogony. Eek. Maybe one day… love your door.

  4. I was thinking about painting my front door black and the shutters black, but I haven’t got the energy up to do it yet. So many projects!

    Love your blog.

  5. I love your front door! I’ve been dying to paint mine black for awhile. I keep going back and forth. We’re getting ready to repaint most of our house, so maybe it’s time!

    {visiting from AZ Bloggers}

  6. I actually want to paint my front door black!
    My house is a little bangalou built in the 60′s. The house is all painted off white with dark green trims.
    So many people are a little “taken back” hen I mention my desire for a black door…
    I saw someone saying to use glossy or semi gloss (can’t remember now)benjamin moore’s metal and wood paint. You gave me new inspiration, I was getting a little scared to paint y door black! It is currently wood, no finish.

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