My Style Monday {Colorful Lighting}

Today I’m so excited to have Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting guest posting for A Place For Us today. Founded in 2002, Arcadian Lighting started selling decorative home lighting fixtures and lamps online, and has become one of the top Internet retailers for home lighting products. Visit their website and cool blog for more information.

Hi, I’m Susi and this week on My Style Monday, we’re writing about colorful lighting. Lighting is an easy way to add pops of color to your décor. From hanging fixtures to lampshades, colorful lighting can create new focal points in your room. We’ve pulled together eight of our favorite ways to use this design element in your own home.

Kitchen Decor

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Colorful lighting, like these blue globes, is an easy way to bring a room to life. Colorful hanging lights draw the eye up to color in an unexpected place.

Dining Room

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This gorgeous turquoise bead chandelier makes a big impact in a white dining room. It creates a focal point that draws the eye to the dining table.

Dining Room

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A group of colorful glass pendant lights adds a cool retro feeling to this dining area. Choosing three different colors adds more interest than using all the same color.

Bedroom Decor

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Pick up colors from your existing décor and add them to your lighting. Love how the yellow of the lamps relates to the artwork on the wall.

Living Room Decor

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A white or black lamp can easily be turned into colorful lighting with a colorful lampshade. Choose a coordinating color or contrasting color depending on how much you want the lighting to stand out.

Bedroom Decor

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Colored glass, like these vintage Murano table lamps, adds sparkle as well as color to a room. If you have a neutral colored space, colorful lighting will pop against beiges and whites.

Home Decor

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Not all color in lighting comes from the light fixtures themselves. Recovering existing lampshades in colorful fabrics is a smart way to create a colorful lamp with what you already have. Use vintage or new fabrics, and look online for a DIY tutorial.


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Another option for adding colorful lighting to your décor is to rehab your existing lighting. Painting a lamp can give you the perfect shade to complement your décor. Go straight to Arcadian Lighting’s website to discover even more beautiful and brilliant design ideas and a vast array of lighting fixture products to choose from!

Thank you so much Susi for guest posting today!  Loving those lampshades and that red lamp looks like candy!!

You can also follow Arcadian Lighting on Facebook and Twitter for updates and special promotions!


  1. A very nice collection and I completely agree with colors to boost a room. However, I think you can even go further with colors. Take a look at the collection of Rowan Chase (google him); A Californian artist that started to print his (colorful) artwork on lamp shades. I love them!

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