My Style Monday: {Curvy Furniture}

Welcome Back to My Style Monday!

 I’ll just skip over the fact that it’s been about 6 months since I’ve done my last MSM:0) No need to talk about that.No need.

I’m talking about curvy furniture today! I love it. I need it. I want it! It was one of the first things that attracted me to my dining room table. Curvy like a rollercoaster ride!

paula deen

Check out this bed from Ethan Allen. Can you spot the curves? Perfect for someone’s guest room. Hi there:0)


WHOA. This ones got curves and color. Looks like a swirly ice cream cone. No wonder it’s so attractive:0) Weeeeeee!


Look at this one. I wouldn’t even want to put anything on it!! ha!

“Come on in. Look at my beautiful blue shelf. Don’t touch please”


I’m looking for an extra long console table for my extra long living room wall. This one would be PERFECT:0) Check out those legs! Simple? Yes. Ugly? NOPE!

Although this one MAY compete too much with my current table, I just can’t take my eyes off of it. I L.O.V.E it because it adds a different finish to the room.  At this point, a big piece of furniture can take the room two different ways… Serious and NOT so serious:0)

So how do you feel about your furniture? Are you more attracted to clean straight lines or do like your furniture a bit curvy?


  1. Curvy is the way to go. I bought my headboard at the Goodwill for $20 for that one simple fact. It is a king sized headboard and I bought it before I even had a king sized bed, just because I couldn’t leave it behind.

  2. I am definitely a fan of curvy furniture….and I absolutely L O V E your dining table. I wish they made a round version for my breakfast nook patiently awaiting the perfect piece.

  3. I love this beautiful furniture, but I’m more a straight lines, sleek, modern girl myself! Maybe because I’m in Texas & everything is sooooo country. And YAY for comments & no spam! :)

  4. I always like a little bit of both. :) Who said we can’t mix and match? ;)

  5. I like a little bit of both! :) Who says we can’t mix and match? ;)

  6. where did you buy your dining set at?

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