My Style Monday {Four Poster Bed}

I just recently received some beautiful hand me down furniture from my mom. A four poster bed, 2 night stands, a mirror and a dresser. The bed will for sure be going into our guest room. You know the room that I’m not suppose to be thinking about right now. Yes, that one.
Four poster beds have always been a favorite of mine. I think they are CLASSIC which aligns with my style completely! When I was a little girl I had a four poster bed. My parents never gave me the canopy,but that didn’t stop me from imagining myself sleeping under floor-to-ceiling drapes with a ruffled canopy on top. Totally see something like this in Alivya’s future..yep.
So naturally I started looking for some inspirational pieces.
The bed I have looks pretty similar to this one. I can’t zoom in to see the details, but I’m pretty sure. I love the style of this room because it’s not too fussy.

The gray green grass cloth is the perfect backdrop for the bed. I also like the layering of fabrics. That bed canopy pulls everything together!
Here is another four poster bed. The clean lines are super attractive. Along with the color, it would make a perfect guest bedroom:0) The bed is dressed up in white lines and tons of comfy pillows.{ I LOVE PILLOWS} I wouldn’t mind painting our bed. Just don’t know how it would take with all the little details it has. So I’m thinking I should just let it be:0) 

Here’s another similar one. Can you guess what I like about this one:0) The mixing of the patterns my dears. This one’s not painted either:0).

Can’t wait to get it all up and going! Now that I have the biggest pieces of furniture I can draw up an inspiration board and start pulling it together:0)
How do you feel about the good ole four poster bed?

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