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Have you guys seen Cindy Crawford’s line at JcPenny? It’s so pre tee:0) It seems to me like its a mixture of traditional,elegance and modern pieces mixed up and updated by beautiful colors. I think some of her pieces would fit perfectly in our home….check it out…..

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Ice Tea Glasses *ice tea and pretty glasses? sign me up and Nail Trim Trunks

  Lattice Rug 0900631b81897ae2M

Lattice Rug and Stoneware Urn

 oversize pillows0900631b817275c1M

Oversized Velvet Pillows…I saw these and I’m in LOVE:0) and a Luggage Rack..hmm interesting

So every now and then my friends, yes anyone who sends me “money” to spend at their stores I call friends:0) sent Reggie and I our $10.00 certificate they send out if your on their mailing list. ( I totally signed him up to get one, can’t lie:0) So last Saturday I picked up two of these Cindy Crawford cream colored sofa throws that were on clearance for $9.95 . So they were FREE…well I threw in a piece of Godiva to even things out:0)

I threw one on the sofa downstairs and the other one on the sectional upstairs.


Just my style…:0)

I will try my very best to do something like this every Monday…but I can’t promise it won’t be Mustard on my shirt Monday, Maniac Mommy Monday or Messed up Dinner and it’s more than I can take Monday:0)


  1. Your blog is wonderful – I am your newest follower!


  2. OMG I have to check these out! You know I have to have those iced tea glasses and why didn’t you tell me about the throws?????

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