Nate Berkus, New York and ME!!


AHHHH!!! I know! What? Yes!!! It’s true! Destiny(me)  from A Place for Us Blog(me again) will be going to New York City to be on THE Nate Berkus Show!!

I’ve been wanting to tell you for a couple of weeks but I wasn’t sure of all the details so I just kept my mouth shut! But its now official so I can scream out to the world! I’m so shocked and excited and THANKFUL for the amazing opportunity! Never in a million years did I think this would fall in my lap!

So How Did it Happen?

Well it all happened on a Thursday I was on my way to bed and every night before I go to sleep I check my email…refresh and check it again:0)  To my surprise I saw a little teaser title that said HI My name is Alex and I work on the Nate Berkus…… I was getting media request for my flowers all week so I just thought it was another one of those! It wasn’t until I read the entire thing that I understood that they wanted ME on the show!! What? How did you find me! What do you wanna see!? My house is like 13% done!! lol!! I woke my husband up and started jumping up and down on the bed with my laptop and I was like…”Baby!! You gotta read this and tell me what it says!!” lol!!!

SO the next morning I called them and they asked me a ton of questions…mostly about my life here in AZ and my blog:0) For the next couple of weeks I went back and forth with them, sending photos, links and phone calls. Last Thursday I got the word that they would be flying me out DEC 13th to NEW YORK to film a segment with Nate! I will also be doing a HOUSE PROUD segment!

Just a few months ago I did a guest post on my friend Nicole’s Blog…Modern Reject called “ Just Your Average Joe.” So I can’t even tell you how much I feel like God has his hands all over this! With all of the THOUSANDS of blogs on the internet and the mega talent behind them, for them to find mine is beyond me! I know I don’t have the MOST followers(but certainly the best!) and I haven’t even made my blog a full time job.  But from the bottom of my heart, I love to blog, I love to create, I love to SHARE and this is what this blog has always been about! You certainly can get discourage when you start to compare. But I think this opportunity is God saying to me and really to us ALL “I don’t need you to be the BEST, I need you to be available and willing. Even with all your fears and self doubt, TRUST me and I will do more than you could ASK or DREAM of!”  Today I’m so thankful!! I’ve had a week full of emotions, good and bad. But I trust that God knows what he’s doing and I’m ready to let go of the wheel!

If I get anymore updates I will let you know! Thanks everyone for your support!! I love you ALL!! xoxo


  1. YAY!!!!! I am so excited for you! That’s amazing! Congrats! I love how you talk about the Lord and His hand in it. Praise God!

  2. That’s AWESOME!!!! Congrats!

  3. You’re so awesome friend!! I will say it again, CONGRATS my dear! If anyone deserves this it’s YOU!! I can’t wait to hear more about your experience, you’re going to do great! They (all of AMerica) is going to fall in love with you!!


  4. I am so flippin excited for you! I am sooooooooo happy for you Destiny!

  5. What can we say about this? How about…THANK YOU JESUS! Only HE could pick you out of millions. Nate Berkus, here we (I mean Destiny) comes!!!!! Lol.

  6. Soooo Exciting! Congrats!

  7. I am so happy for you! :)CONGRATS!

  8. Awesome!!! So happy for you, can’t wait to see it :)

    ~ Emily N. from “too Blessed to Stress”

  9. YAY!!! Congrats to you! That is fantastic :)

  10. SO happy for you!! Congrats!! Can’t wait to watch you on the show!! Tell Nate we ALL love him!! :)

  11. Congratulations! I watch Nate all the time! I can’t wait to see your segment! What an incredible opportunity!

  12. Oh my goodness, Destiny, that is so amazing and awesome. I’ll have sticky notes all over my house when you tell us the “air date.” Now I’m even more bummed that I didn’t get to meet you at the Blogger dinner, but next time for sure! I wish you all the best!

  13. OMG!! How cool is that?! I am so excited for you & I can NOT wait to watch!!!

  14. Well, that’s about the coolest thing EVER! Big congrats sent your way. Can’t wait to hear how it went!

  15. Destiny,
    I’m so happy for you! I’m so proud of you! I’m so jealous of you!

    Our God is a rewarder. he is kind and He loves to bless His kids!

  16. So well deserved! Can’t wait to see your segment! Congrats girl!!!

  17. Congrats!!! You deserve all this and more!

  18. So, does this mean you don’t coupon anymore? LOL So happy for you! And yay! Now I know a CELEBRITY! :)

  19. It is so nice to meet you! I am excited to add you to the Master Designer blog roll.

    I admit.. it was so cool to see that you would be on Nate Berkus. But your coolness level went through the roof … in reading this post I could just see your humble, energetic, passionate and loving heart. Bring Him glory, girl!!!!

    Congratulations on this honor!

    nice to know you in blogland!!!!!
    - {darlene}

  20. AMAZING!! I’m so thrilled for you!! Yes- God is blessing you because you deserve it!! Can’t wait to watch :)

  21. so exciting!!!! Congrats!!!!! :o)

  22. Congratulations! It’s refreshing to see nice people get rewarded. I can’t wait to see you on the show! How fun!

  23. YEAH!!!! I am so excited for you! This is so amazing…congrats! Can’t wait to hear more!!!!!!!!

  24. Wow, that’s great! What an awesome testimony. I enjoy following your blog and seeing all your amazing decorations.

  25. Wow, Destiny! That is so exciting!!! you will do great! Can’t wait to see your segment!

  26. I have “favorited” your blog and look at it at least 2x a week and I think this is the first time I have commented but You TOTALLY deserve it. Your blog is FABULOUS! Congratulations!!! :)

  27. SO happy for you!! XOXO

  28. I am so, so, so incredbily excited for you!!! I can not wait to see it once it airs. Of course, taping and meeting Nate will be the fun part!

  29. Oh, my WORD!!!! That’s amazing! Congratulations! I’m so excited for you…but I have to say, this post was so great on so many levels. Thank you for speaking to the rest of us…self-doubt…comparing. Everytime I write a post and get no comments, it crushes me. And then I have to remind myself that it’s not about seeking the approval of men! I blog because I know he’s given me gifts and I’m sharing those with the world. Thank you for speaking into my life! So excited for you!!!!!

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