Nesting and Bows

SO about 9 more weeks to go until our little girl makes her arrival! I’ve been in a complete nesting mind set for the last couple of weeks. I am list girl, so right now I have about 6 list going, including Baby Room, Gameroom,Living Room,Baby Shower, Hospital Bag, etc. I am trying to do one at a time but it seems like my mind just cant stay focused on just ONE project! I have to say this is actually very normal for me! Cant blame pregnancy for that one! Well my mind drifted off again back to making bows. I am a BIG fan a BIG BABY BOWS! lol! I just think they are sweet as can be and it makes it know that the baby your strolling around is actually a girl and not a boy dressed in pink…I say that because Bear gets mistaken as a girl ALL the time because of his beautiful curls! Even when he is wearing the same outfit as his brother! lol!!!

Anyway last weekend I went on over to my favorite, well not my FAVORITE but my convenient craft store Micheal’s to start my ribbon project. I used my handy dandy EXTRA 25% of ribbon coupon and bought some clearance ribbon. Just about everything that has a yellow tag I grabbed! lol I got about 12 rolls of ribbon for 7.00 pretty cool!
I refrenced this helpful website to help me make them! GIRLYTHINGS. Seriously girls you can learn and do just about anything your little heart desires on the internet. That mixed with your very own creativity equals a product that YOU want and some saved money in your purse!!!
To use the bows I’m making right now I am going to attach an alligator clip onto the back of them and order some NYLON headbands from That way they are interchangable! I am not a big fan of the crochet ones. They ARE cute, but I just like the nylon look a little better!
I am also in the process of making some flower attachments TOO! Now talk about sweet! Nothing prettier than a girl with a flower in her hair! I will post some pictures later on that!!


  1. I’m having so much fun on your blog! Not sure what part of AZ you’re in. But if you’re in the Phx Metro area, specifically the east valley, you gotta check out Ribbons and Lace. There’s one on Lindsay and Main. And one on Dobson and Ray. There are a ton of cute things to make bows, flowers, etc. I just had a little girl after 2 boys as well. And this store is one of my favs. Careful though to only buy exactly as much as you need. Their prices are a tad high so you can get yourself into some trouble. ;)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I am the west side, so I can’t wait to make the trip!!!!

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