New Ballard Rug and Slipcovers


I took a two week hiatus from my little ole blog cause I had my wisdom tooth yanked from my mouth:0) Yep, just one.I’m such a baby when it comes to pain!

I know your all anxiously awaiting the fireplace. I won’t tell you soon, because I’ve been saying that for about three weeks now and I think your catching on to my “delay” message strategy , so I’ll just say…. I’m workin on it:0)

Anyway, about that rug….

I purchased a new rug for under my breakfast nook! I had one that my mom got from Robb and Stucky a few years ago thinking it was an indoor/outdoor one but when I went to go and hose it down, I found out it wasn’t. Water spots where everywhere…eek!!. I did manage to clean it thanks to some tips from Katie. So I’ve been on the hunt for a new one ever since and I finally found one at good ole Ballard.

I purchased their very affordable paisley, indoor/outdoor bordered rug in green about a month ago. I got the largest size available which is 7×10 for under 100.00:0) shipping and all!


I like rugs under my table because when my kiddos make a mess I can just vacuum it up. I tried to live with out a rug and it was just to much trying to keep my dark wood floors spotless.



Look familiar it’s the sister of my front porch rug:0)

ballard all over paisley outdoor rug

I love Ballard rugs, can you tell?

Now I need some chair covers. I originally was going to sew some myself but my kids are so harsh on our furniture so my dreamy plan of white covered parson chairs has been deleted from my mind. :0)

I did however find these to be great options….

Green Geometric Dana Slipcover

These pretty parson chair slipcovers are so flirty! I think I will get them eventually when they go on SALE. Right now they are 59.00 each and I need four. BUT, I think the greens might clash , so I’m thinking one of them will work great in my new office:0) yippee!!

Couture Chair Slipcover with Ties

This slipcover with ties come in spa blue and green. Love the side details. I’m a sucker for things wrapped in a pretty little bow. But I’m having a hard time seeing Reggie sitting down in these:0) Maybe I should but these in my office chair file options as well:0)



I’m leaning toward these ones from Ballard,

I don’t really like the long skirt, but I think I can do some minor alterations to make it work. It’s a chocolate check pattern that will work great with the color scheme of the entire family room. Right now they are on sale for 29.00 each. With a coupon I think it will be a great price!! FOUR of them for under 100.00!

I’ll let you know what I decide! In the mean while I’m headed back to the fireplace. I don’t know WHY I get so unmotivated towards the end of a project…lol. I need to get myself an extra large sweet tea from Chick-fila and get my booty in gear!!!!! Happy Wednesday!


  1. Rug is very nice….in my new house I cant have a rug under my table because of the location but I like the way it looks. I have a set of 4 parson chairs that Ive been dying to cover and I might just have to steal your choc/check idea…I love them and that price is delicious especially from Ballard. Ive been missing my catalogs and just emailed them yesterday.

    Can’t wait to see your finished design.

    Lucky 7 Design
    Mama J and Her Fashionistas

  2. pretty rug, friend! i also love the first two chairs – pretty patterns :)

  3. Love this post, and love your home!! Oh- and thanks for the link! xoxo

  4. I love those parsons chairs. I have old school oak rounded top dining chairs and I hate them. Would love to find a tutorial to make a cute slip cover. One thing I might say about the long chair cover is if you ever sit with your ankles crossed under the chair these don’t work well. Waiting for the reveal of your fireplace.

  5. Looks great!
    I love Ballard too!

  6. Hello I came across your blog through TT&J blog… I love your little place here and just signed up to follow along… Would Love for you to stop by and say hello…
    Have a Blessed Week!!

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