NEW HOUSE with lots of PLANS!

Not only are Reggie and I expecting, we just moved into our NEW HOME! I LOVE IT! Come and take a look at our main living areas and check out some of the things I have changed already!

This is the first room you see when you walk in…Living and Dining Room combo..which is a really popular layout here in cookie cutter Arizona…lol was messed UP! lol
After- New Floors…Puuuurty! I want to repaint in here. I LOVE RH silver sage color:0) I think it will look great against the wood floors.

Before…no appliances and vinyl wood floors

After…new appliances and wood floors! I would love to paint these cabinets a warm white, add a new pantry door and maybe a lip for the island! Also a new table…glass table and three kiddos NOT cool!

Laundry Room

The Laundry Room….I would love to paint these cabinets also…a REAL color! Also add some new front loaders.
Playroom Loft
This room is pre wired for a theater…but since the kids are so young, its better used to store all there TOYS! That way we can keep most of them out of their room:0) I have big plans to make this room really cozy and like a second family room..I can decided if I love or hate the colors :0)
Family Room
This is the room that extends from the kitchen and breakfast nook

area. I want to add Board and Batten to that back wall, add curtains to those three HUGE windows.I am having a hard time doing something¬†with those cut outs…lol!¬†Eventually I would love a corner fireplace: and replace a three windows with french doors leading out to the patio:0) Always DREAMING BIG!


  1. Gorgeous! I love your choices for wall colors! Do you mind me asking what the darker brown color is called? It looks so glam and dramatic…LOVE!!

  2. I will get that to you:0) I gotta find my paint sample:0)

  3. Hi again, Ive been popping around your blog…loving it. Of course I checked out your home section (love to see interiors of peoples homes). Ive been lookin for homes in Florida because we are thinkin of relocating from NJ. Your homes layout is like most of the homes Ive been looking at, especially with the open walls and your kitchen. Are you in Florida?

  4. ooh…i love the house…how exciting it’s going to be for you to decorate!

  5. I don’t see another place where I can comment on this… but I love your front porch! ;) My HOA would have a field day with me, if I had all that pretty stuff out there. But man, I would love that Summer sign hanging like that. Swoon! ;) New follower (also in AZ).

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