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I’m headed out to New York next week to be on the Nate Show! If your new to the story then you can read about it here:0) I’m really excited and super nervous!

So to get my mind off the nervous part I decided to try something new. There is no denying that I’m a girly girl. I played sports my entire life, but that was really the extent of my boyish side. Even when I was on the volleyball court I made sure I had a nice tight ponytail with a sweet ribbon tied in my hair. So when I got conformation that I would be heading to to NewYork my first thoughts were…new clothes,cute shoes,blondish hair and pretty makeup:0)

One of the best things I do to my skin on a weekly basis is exfoliate. My face, my legs and my arms are the places I need it the most because they are exposed most of the time. I love how it leaves my skin so silky! I prefer a courser exfoliate like ONE from Target. But if you have sensitive skin then something made with finer sugars or salts might work better.

While I was scrubbing my skin last week I really noticed my eyebrows. Your not gonna believe it but I’ve never had my eyebrows professionally done. I think I was just to afraid of having hot wax on my face. BUT I knew I needed them done BADLY:0) For 28 years they have been a wavy overgrown mess maintained by a small razor,clear gel and a wet and wild eyebrow pencil:0) I finally decided that THIS occasion was the perfect time to try something new so I did, and I LOVED it.


Hot mess right…lol.

First of all it was cheap. 10.00 for wax, plucking and clipping. Second, it didn’t hurt at all! I guess after having three kids my pain tolerance is a tad bit different. But I hear the new thing is threading, so I’m like a decade

I’m not sure how hair and makeup will go when I get to the studio but I do know I would love to rock some shimmery eye shadow like this one from Maybelline and and a nude lip gloss from L’Oreal. I love me some neutrals.

IMG_0559_2540 copy

I love this palette because it tells you where to put it…makeup for dummiesSmile

So here it is all together. New hair, arched brow and some shimmer.

IMG_0580_2561IMG_0579_2560IMG_0576_2557IMG_0571_2552IMG_0572_2553IMG_0575_2556 copyIMG_0573_2554IMG_0568_2549IMG_0565_2546IMG_0563_2544 copy

So I learned that I should never wait 28 years to try anything! Ha. So.Much.Better.Yes.

You can take a sneak peak into my bag NYC bag tomorrow:0)

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  1. You look gorgeous!! I am so super duper excited for you :)

  2. gorgeous as always! i love your hair!!

  3. WOW!! You look amazing! I would not have guessed that was you from the pic. on your blog page. Beautiful!! I’ve been waxing my brows since I was a teen, pushing 50 now. I’ve not dared tread to the thread. I’ve heard it’s kind of painful. I’ll stick with the tried and true wax. BIG congrats on the Nate show. I’ll be watching for sure. :o)

  4. So excited for you, and can’t wait to see with Nate!

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