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Just updated my playlist! Here are the songs I chose and kinda why:0)
I think that the ministry of music is such a special gift to us! What a special relationship musicians have with our GOD! God has inlisted them with a wonderful talent. They could go out and make TONS of money, be super famous but they chose to worship him through song and praise. Because of them..we can hear the voice of God..talking to US… his children! Thank you!!!!

YOU-Britt Nicole.
 First of all she is one of my favorite artist out right now! Her songs are so beautifully written!
I’ve been looking for love in another’s eyes
Searching for water, but I come up dry
Thought that I could find
Happiness in the world’s applause
Peace of mind in a worthy cause
Take me back, take me back
Got to trust in the simple truth
Got to trust all I really need is
I’m coming back to
The only thing I know worth living for
Will You take this heart and make it more like
I give it back to You
It’s obvious no one could love me more
I’m Yours
I’m coming back, yeah
I’m coming, coming back

Sound familiar? I know it does for me. Sometimes we just drift away from the Lord. We go and do our own thing for awhile, get caught up trying to please others. At the end of the day…week…maybe even years. We always end up coming back to HIM! Its obvious no one could love us more!

Walk on Water- Britt Nicole-
….I really like!

So what are you waiting for?
What do you have to lose?
Your insecurities try to alter you
You know you’re made for more
So don’t be afraid to move
Your faith is all
It takes and you can
Walk on the water too

Sometimes we think we don’t have enough talent…gifts…knowledge to be a Christ follower. We don’t want to put ourselves out there because we’re too afraid. But we know that all it takes is FAITH. Something that we ALL have. It’s something that can take you from a person whos too afraid to move to a person who can walk on water…TOO! Jesus is holding his hands out for all of us..he won’t let you drown if you just believe.

Crystal Lewis…Come just as you are.
You know I gotta have one of her songs on here.

Come just as you are
Hear the spirit call
Come just as you are
Come and see
Come recieve
Come and live forever

Beautiful song. Simple in lyrics. But so powerful! He’s saying come to me just as you are.

I Get on my Knees-
I’ve had this one on my playlist before. I dont know, this song just ALWAYS speaks to me…

I get on my knees!
There I am before the Love
That changes me
See I don’t know how
But there’s power
When I’m on my knees

I can be
in a crowd
Or by myself
and almost anywhere
When I feel
there’s a need
To talk with God
He is Emmanuel
When I close my eyes,
no darkness there
There’s only light!

Stand in the Rain….Superchic
This song is like a girl power song for Christian women! Its saying get up and STAND your ground!!! Don’t listen to the devil when your at your lowest..listen for your Lord!!! Be Strong!

She won’t make a sound
Alone in this fight with herself and the fears whispering if she stands she’ll fall down
She wants to be found
The only way out is through everything she’s running from wants to give up and lie down.

So stand in the rain
Stand your ground
Stand up when it’s all crashing down
You stand through the pain
You won’t drown
And one day, whats lost can be found

You stand in the rain

Every Time I Breathe-Big Daddy Weave

Now how could I after knowing One so great
Respond to You in any way
That’s less than all I have to give
But by Your grace I want to love You not with what
I say
But everyday
In a way that my life is lived

Makes you wanna be ALL that God has written YOU to be! He so gracious and giving, you just wanna show him! It’s so easy to spit out words of how much you love him! But I know he wants to see it! SERVE him by the way you live!

Enough-Jeramy Camp

All of you is more than enough for all of me
For every thirst and every need

You satisfy me with your love
And all I have in you is more than enough

It really is….we make things so complicated sometimes but all we really need we have in Christ and its more than enough:0)

ohhhhh child
Ooh-oo child, things are gonna get easier

Ooh-oo child, things’ll get brighter
Ooh-oo child, things are gonna get easier
Ooh-oo child, things’ll be brighter

Some day, yeah
We’ll put it together and we’ll get it all done
Some day
When your head is much lighter
Some day, yeah
We’ll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun
Some day
When the world is much brighter

When you start to walk with Christ you start to see thing and filter this world a little different..Your heart becomes alot more sensitive to what’s around you. I think this is were God starts laying things on your start to carry the burden of the things you see. But we all know that we will walk in the rays of a beautiful SON…Someday when the world is much brighter…he promises:0)

Hosanna- Hillsong

Heal my heart and make it clean

Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like you have loved me
Break my heart from what breaks yours
Everything I am for your kingdoms cause
As I go from nothing to

My favorite worship song!!! You just close your eyes and sing ;0) or lift your hands, or get on your knees:)

Something Beautiful… Needtobreathe

Hey now, this is my desire

Consume me like a fire, ’cause I just want something beautiful
To touch me, I know that I’m in reach
‘Cause I am down on my knees, I’m waiting for something beautiful

Oh, something beautiful
And the water is risin’ quick
And for years I was scared of it
We can’t be sure when it will subside
So I won’t leave your side, no I can’t leave your side

I think we are all waiting for something beautiful right? We don’t really know when our troubles will come…but we know that we don’t have to be scared of  it because we trust in him! He’s all we need!

Lost Get Found…Britt Nicole

Why do we go with the flow

Why take an easier road?
Why are we playin’ it safe?
Love came to show us the way
Love is a chance we should take
I’m movin’ out of the gray
Don’t let your lights go down

Don’t let your fire burn out
’cause somewhere, somebody needs a reason to believe
(Stand out)
Don’t let your lights go down
Don’t let your fire burn out
(Stand out)
’cause somewhere, somebody needs a reason to believe
Why don’t you rise up now?
Don’t be afraid to stand out
That’s how the lost get found
The lost get found

Love DID come to show us the WAY! I wonder why I sometimes play it soooo safe. ummmm Gods on my side right! I don’t have anything to be afraid of! So stand out…be different…because I PROMISE you there is someone who is looking at you that needs to SEE the love of Jesus:0)

Your Hands….JJ Heller

When my world is shaking

Heaven stands
When my heart is breaking
I never leave Your hands

When You walked upon the Earth

You healed the broken, lost, and hurt
I know You hate to see me cry

One day You will set all things right
Yea, one day You will set all things right

I first heard this song on my Tracee’s blog. This is her FIRST song..I know it speaks to her. It’s like HE is talking to her. The lyrics give her so much hope..”I know you hate to see me cry,One day you will set all things right” and reminds her of HIS promises ” When my world is shaking Heaven stands,When my heart is breaking I never leave Your hands” Everytime I hear it I think of her, Jeramy and her beautiufl baby Gavin:0)


  1. Anonymous says:

    Love all those songs!! If you like those then you would probably like Phil Wickham’s “Safe” it is such a good song. And Fee’s “When Everything Falls”. Oh gosh I have so many great songs I could recommend to you! hehe :)

    Amy P.

  2. PRETTY…Beautiful songs indeed!

  3. Alexia says:

    Oh Destiny all I can do is SMILE :) Thank you for sharing these wonderful songs… its my radio station during the day while im in the house! ;) God is AMAZING!

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