Novice Thanksgiving

SO this year I will be making Thanksgiving for the very first TIME allllll by myself!!! I am so excited. These types of things are my cup of tea!!! I love getting together with family and thanking God for his grace and mercy and for the blessings that he has given us!!!!

I have been researching recipes and techniques for roasting THE TURKEY! :0) I will be cooking for about 10 people so it won’t be to overwhelming and making everything from scratch of course!

So far this is my menu so far,

  • Roast Turkey with Prosciutto-Hazelnut Crust- facny isn’t it?
  • Baked Macoronni and Cheese
  • Mashed Pototoes
  • Creamed Corn with Fried Onions rings and Prociutto
  • Cornbread Dressing with Sausage
  • Fresh Green Beans
  • Cabbage and Chopped Ham
  • Pork Roast
  • Candy Yams
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Cresent Rolls and Dinner Rolls


  • Pecan Cheescake: My neighbor Monique made it from her A Taste of Home magazine and it was AMAZING
  • Lemon Cake
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Brownies

I got these plates at a garage sale this weekend! Ohh I lOVE garage sailing…:0) They were brand new!!! 6.99 each at Bed Bath and Beyond or LNT( still so sad about this! She sold me a set of 6 dinner plates and 6 salad plates for $10.00!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it I was willing to pay about 20.00. Bow chica bowwah! lol

I also got this cute apple cookie jar for $5.00. Reggie said it looked like a green tooth….silly boys.

I got this mail center for $2.00!


  1. I love that you garage sale it! You are my little bargain booster!

    Christina P

  2. Good stuff girl!!! And that food looked yummy!!!

  3. How did the “Creamed Corn with Fried Onions rings and Prociutto” turn out?…it sounds so darn delicious! E-mail the recipe PLEEEEASE! YUMMM Hope ya’ll had an amazing Thanksgiving!

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