One of those “Lessons in Between”

Every now and then HE peels back the dead skin. Slowly I start to notice the coldness of the world. Slowly I notice the burdens of others that have been in front of me for awhile. I’m raw…like an open wound. Sensitive to every move.  Things I love to do seem less important because he’s calling me to see something different. Its like I can feel him lifting my chin towards him as if I had been going about my business, looking straight ahead, not realizing that I wasn’t going anywhere, where at least not where I THOUGHT I was going
I am in a season of growth. Dwelling in HIS presence and calling on HIM to reveal whatever HE wants me to see. Tugging gently and reminding my that He IS. Telling me not to be content with my beautiful circumstances…but revealing that, HIS purpose for me is so much bigger than a beautiful family, a dedicated husband and a nice home…more than security and safety and prayers of thanksgiving. As if he’s saying “MY DEAR DESTINY….this is  not all I have for you. I know you enjoy these things that I have blessed you with, but if you take my hand I will lead you to eternity…and you will have everlasting joy…COME”
Somewhere down the road my TRUE purpose got mixed up with the my own desires, his desires for me and the American dream. I’m now  in a season of my life where I have to sort it all out. So I can know that where I’m going is where he wants me to go and not where I think I should go. It calls me to seek him with all my ask him and reveal to me my purpose and to live out that purpose for HIS Kingdom. It might very well be serving my family and community…what I am doing right now. BUT I MUST KNOW THAT…I must not second guess…I must know that his hand is guiding me…….the right direction:0)
One of the most joyful things about following Christ is the journey. He calls us to grow. Not to stay in the same stage because its nice and comfy. Not to stay in the same place because you think you know “enough” for now. All of a sudden my life just got a little more serious. I am here for a purpose. A reason. I don’t want to miss the mark because I’m so stuck in what I THINK I know.So afraid to move.  He calls us to MOVE. SEEK HIM. ASK HIM. TRUST HIM. I can’t pick and chose what I want from the bible…it’s not a buffet:0) Its time for me to grow in my faith…again:0)
Everyone’s journey is different…so completely different from your sisters and brothers…from your best friends and even your husband. That’s why we must seek the personal relationship with him so that we don’t compare or judge..and start justifying your non-movement because you see no one else moving around you.
Every now and then you will see big gaps in between post. Rest assure that he is working in me. I thought I was one of those bloggers that can immediately jump on and  start pouring my heart out ….but come to find out I am really not:0) I  have found that it takes time for me to figure out what’s going on when He is working inside of me. It takes time for me to share what’s been on my heart.
Thank you so much for letting me share:0) This dosen’t mean I wont be decorating my house:0) I just wanted to let you know that all though it’s so much fun!!!!!!….there is so much more to life….and to me:0) I never want to forget that.


  1. Thank you for such vulnerability and honesty tonight. :)I needed to hear that even for myself.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing that! You are so right, our journey in life and our relationship with the Lord is all about growth and changing and never being content with something, but always seeking what HE has for us next!

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  4. You put into words exactly what I’ve been feeling lately. Thank you for being so transparent.

  5. What a beautiful, courageous post. Thank you for enlightening us. You really do have a purpose that’s bigger than what you could imagine.

  6. I love this post. The growth season…so exciting yet scary at the same time. You just never know who or what HE is about to remove from your life to make you see a little clearer. I’ve been in this season where it seemed like there was so much more to do; then I got ahead of myself and HE had to bring me to a new revelation…enjoying life with HIM. *sigh* the seasons. You gotta love HIM for not wanting you to stay in the same place. Move on up Destiny, closer to your SAVIOR.

  7. Got your back, girl. Do what you need to do. Proud of you! :)

  8. Destiny,when God speaks to our hearts… He SPEAKS!:) I can feel your growing pains in your words, so gracefully written. You have such a BIG heart for Jesus and you have been and will continue to GROW in your faith! It’s wonderful to be blessed with TALENTS! You my dear, are blessed with CREATIVITY! Creativity can be used through many different venues… with that said continue to use your God given talents and your LOVE for Christ to bless others and you and your beautiful family (…that WE LOVE so dearly) and God will continue to provide you with an abudant more opportunites. It will make for more eye opening moments and life changing growth! I love you and love being able to be a friend to you like you are and have always been to me. We all need continue seeking Him on this beautiful journey of our God given lives :)love ya Des ;)

  9. (Pssssssst. Keep in mind, God loaded us with passion. Follow your passion, whatever that may be. Even if it’s decorating your home. God provided you your home. Don’t feel guilty for taking care of something He provides. :)

  10. now i know why i just so happened to stumble upon your post a couple months ago. that was the reason. i do love, Love, LOVE all the fun creative things you do but this, my sister, is truly what i needed. THANK YOU for all your inspriation!

  11. PS- i need your email address. i’m dying to send you a pic of something i copied from you. it should make you feel good to know that people love your stuff so much they want to copy it. ;)

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