One Weekend Project with Sherwin Williams

If your looking for a great weekend project then look no further!

With the semi annual ( yep, only TWICE a year) sale coming up THIS WEEKEND at Sherwin Williams you just might want to finish up some painting projects. Recently I used a couple of beautiful Sherwin William colors as I started to makeover the kids rooms.

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin William Tony Taupe-1

But for my office I wanted to try something a bit different.

My inspiration came from this Seabrook Wallpaper sample, that’s should also be available at your local Sherwin Williams and it’s15% off this weekend! I’ve done wallpaper in the kitchen and my dining room so when I spotted this wallpaper on pinterest I immediatly knew I had to have it! BUT when I looked at the price it was a little out of my budget so instead I ended up giving my wall a stencil treatment using a Cutting Edge(more on the later next week) and using the new line of Emerald Paint from Sherwin Williams. We all know how beautiful the paint colors are from SW, but you should also know that they are one of the top 10 paint companies in the US! So not only are you getting a quality product, your getting the most desired interior and exterior paint colors among house enthusiasts and interior designers alike!


Seabrook Wallpaper, Book/Collection Antonina Vella Dolce Vita 


Before I even thought about choosing a stencil, I thought about the wall color. I sampled about three different colors thinking I might want a slightly different color combination then the original wallpaper.

Sherwin Williams Sale-10

I picked up Agreeable Gray, Wook Skein and Rice Grain. But against the white, it didn’t have the contrast that I was hoping for. I wasn’t to bummed because these are all beautiful colors that can be used SOME where in our home. I ultimately ended up choosing a very good match to the muted mustard called Interactive Cream.


Sherwin Williams Sale-01


I also painted the rest of the walls a warm white, called Alabaster. You can see from the ceiling it’s whiter than the builder grade that came with the home. I want my office/craft space to have enough reflection for pretty photos:0) Using a white paint color like Alabaster along with a window with lots of natural light, makes for one good room to shoot photos.

When it comes to stenciling it’s important to choose the RIGHT type of paint. The reason why Emerald paint works so well because is because it has a smooth appearance, even on textured walls and it’s easy to wash.

Sherwin Williams Sale-02

The paint is also self-priming which makes it a breeze to apply!

It saves you time by reducing the number of coats you’ll need which is VERY important when your stenciling. You really want to get away with ONE quick strong coat. If not, two at the most. Otherwise the pattern may be too light.


Plus, Emerald is a zero VOC paint:0) None of that strong paint smell!

I love how it turned out!

Sherwin Williams Sale-08


If you plan on starting a stenciling project make sure you pick up the right supplies which are also 30% off this weekend. I KNOW! I mean if your gonna get somethangs done friends you better get to stepin:0)

I also picked up few tools to help me out:

Small Foam Paint Brush

Frog Tape

Paint Tray

Shurline Edge Liner (best tool EVER)

Drop Cloth


Overall this one weekend project took me about 4 hours across 2 days. The first coat need to dry before I start the stenciling process. After that you should be done stenciling an accent wall within 2-3 hours depending of course on your pace and wall size!

I’m not sure about the décor yet but I think I’m headed in the right direction:0)

Sherwin Williams Sale-09

So what are your weekend paint plans? Are ready to finally get that perfect neutral color on the wall with a 5 gallon bucket of  Rice Grain or Wool Skein? What about that dresser that’s sitting in the garage that you’ve been wanting to paint for oh, 6 months! I think it might need a few coats of rainwashed:0) This is the weekend to snag up THE best paint for THE best prices! Have fun!




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  1. Love the way it turned out! Can’t wait to see it all come together.

  2. Love the color choice and the stencil is perfect! Good job!

  3. Really love the stencil!

  4. The wall looks awesome! I might have to try a little stenciling project in my laundry/mud room.

  5. Been seriously considering Interactive Cream for my kitchen, but your use of it in a stenciling pattern takes it to a whole new level!! how/where do i get a stencil like that??? never tried that before…

    • Hey Christina! I love this color, I am actually not going to use it in my office anymore…lol! I think the color would look better in one of my other rooms:00 But you can get the stencil at Cutting Edge Stencil!

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