Printic App Review- Pretty Polaroid Pictures

Printic App Review

I recently had the chance to review some prints from a fun new app called Printic (iphone only). They sent me some pretty polaroid pictures straight from my iphone. Neato! I really like the way they turned out and wanted to share them with you guys!

How to Print your Instagram Photos

The first thing I notice upon arrival was the adorable packaging that came along with my prints. These things may not seem important. Until you open the package and realize your instantly in a better mood because your opening up something fun and pretty:0) Love the stamp touch too! 

How to Print your Iphone Photos

I also loved that Printic prints were printed in polaroid format. Polaroid’s bring back memories folks. I’m talking about 1980’s picnics and birthday parties and the anticipation of flapping your fresh polaroid in the wind, waiting to see what would become of the picture that was just snapped. Now I can have the same thing without injuring my wrist:0) There’s something beautiful about keeping old traditions without all the hassle.  It’s like we’re saying “Hey Mr. Polaroid, we honor you”

Printic App-Review

Not only are the prints glossy,the quality is great! I love how they describe it on the website

“I’m 3"x4", I’m glossy, and I’m attractive. I rock the color orange.”

Yep. That pretty much sums it up.

Printic App-5

The entire idea behind this app is that it’s easy and fun. Here’s what YOUR gonna love.

  • It’s 99 cents for each print. No shipping. Nothing else. 99 cents always.
  • You can select photos from your iphone, facebook and Instagram!
  • You can add messages to the bottom of the photos. I couldn’t think of anything cute or funny but the sky’s the limit! Think about sending some to your girlfriends after a fun weekend in Cali.
  • You can send them directly to your friends in the mail. Like the actual mail people. I mean who doesn’t like mail!! You’ve got mail. Real mail!

Take a look and see how it works.

Printic App How to

Hop on the app. Select your photos. Add a message or two. Choose your recipients and boom, your done. More or less:0)

Printic App Print

So let’s give this app a try ok? Your gonna like it, love it and want some more of it!

OH and look out for a giveaway starting Monday on my Instagram feed and give this app a try with SIX FREE PRINTS!

This my friends is a sponsored post. Meaning, A Place for Us may have received payment, trade or product in exchange for promoting. But I only share what I personally love:0)


  1. I am not a tech girl and refuse any app not completely necessary for my phone. However, I will get this! I have thought those polaroid cameras were too cute and this is even better. This will be awesome for our trip to MI this summer! My 13 year old will be amazed that I have added an app! Thanks for the post–love this and will do it–what fun!
    Sorry if this posts 2x–first didn’t :(
    Kristin recently posted..Baby Blanket/Wild Carrot in Straw/Organic Cotton Fleece by SweetbugStudioMy Profile

  2. I am excited to get this app! I have been wanting to do this for forever!! Thanks for sharing and having an awesome blog! YOU go GIRL!

  3. That is really neat. My question is does the year 2000+ generation even know what a Polaroid is?
    Crista recently posted..House Cleaning Tips | That Streak Free ShineMy Profile

  4. Thank you so much for introducing me to this awesome app! I look forward to trying it.
    Melissa recently posted..Dessert Recipe RoundupMy Profile

  5. I really miss the days when polaroids were all we knew. The clunkiness of the camera and the feverish fiddling to reload the camera before you miss the shot. This brings it all back. I definitely have to try this, if I can manage to get my i phone from my little ones!!!

  6. Yes! Really excited to get this app!

    Thanks for Sharing!

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