Prints for Baby Girls Room

I’ve been searching for some prints for Alivya’s room. I have about 8 frames to fill. So I’ve been looking high and low and love these below:0) I want a mix of art so don’t be confused if it doesn’t all seem to flow. Hopefully it will when it all comes together!

I already purchased this Holly Abston print from her Etsy store. She was so kind enough to let me change the balloon color to a pale pink to match her dress. Isn’t it precious? I still want the room to be fun and sweet and I think this print is just darling. Plus the little girl kinda looks like her..ha!

Original Illustration

More of my favorites from her….

Girls' Night Out. 3 girls out for a night of trick or treating on Halloween. Original 8x10 giclee art printFollow The Leader 2 original giclee art print 8 x 10.  Girl with ducks pull-toy.Party for Three  8 x 10 giclee art print.  Tea Party.

This isn’t a print but it sure is cute…..

Signature Louie Girl Tote - Ballet Pink

I found this bag on an Etsy shop Bagged and Loaded, a while back. I’m hoping that I can have it made into a print. Pretty little afro silhouette.Definitely HER hair:0)

This print from Emily Ley is one of my favorites. You can read all about this print on her blog. Priced at $32.00 this 8X10 print has beautiful gold leaf lettering and is a family keepsake for sure!

Grace Not Perfection 8x10 Print - Gold & White

Restoration Hardware Baby has some one of a kind roadmap dresses starting at $599. So it’s way out of our budget, but I think it could be duplicated. This would be such a fun project to do! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Hand-Folded Vintage Map Dress

This nature shot by Sixth and Main has all the right colors and the softness of dandelions would be pretty as a large print or as a small print for a table.

dandelion photograph, baby girl decor, nature photo, pink ice ethereal romantic dreamy spring botanical silvery white lavender pastels

I also collected some of these frames from Cut it Out. I’m sure you’ve seen them before but what I love about these frames is that they come unfinished so your able to customize the color for your space. To save money on shipping they don’t come with glass. But you can EASILY find a cheap frame at the dollars store to insert. The prices are SO incredible folks! You’ll be hooked!

photo via SWS

I really want to finish this room friends!! I will update you soon:0) Happy Friday! xoxo


  1. Love that first print!

    And Emily Ley, love her stuff. I have that print it’s beautiful. I think they are on sale right now.

  2. love that map dress, you Can, you CAN!!

  3. You have found some truly adorable prints for your little one’s room, & I can’t wait to see it all dressed up! I’m absolutely sure you could duplicate one of those “Map Dresses,” because you are just talented that way!

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