Project: I Do!

Guess what girls!! This weekend I will be doing my first wedding cake!!! yahhhh whooh!

I am so excited! Desiree and Glen( Reggies’s friend who was in our wedding) are tying the knot this Saturday!!! We are so excited for them, mostly because we have another married couple to hang out with and of course because they are AWESOME and so darn cute!

So these are the facts so far…

Type of Cake- She wants a three tier square offset stacked cake…lol….picture it……you got it? good.

Flavor- Red Velvet with Swiss Meringue Cream Cheese Buttercream filling and a Vanilla Fondant Covering…man all this sure sounds fancy!

She’s going for a real simple cake, which actually is the hardest because you can’t hide your mistakes with mounds of frosting and decorated scrolls!:0) Around each tier will be a satin ribbon accented with roses.

So I have decided to take you guys along for the ride!!! You ready! Lets go!!!!


  1. I know it will turn out beautiful! Is this your sister Desiree?

  2. no:0) not Des, my sister not yet!!!

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