Sew Easy…

So I just finished a little sewing project:0) Thanks to the VERY talented Heather Bailey and a Arizonan:0)! I downloaded a very simple pattern for a square pin cushion! I really needed one because all my little pins were ending up all around the room:0) The hubby was a little concerned! I used some left over fabric scraps and made this little cutie in about an hour! (over a couple of days of course) SEW simple and SEW easy.

Wouldn’t they make the cutest little hostess gifts for some of your girlfriends? I am so bad at gift giving…but I promised myself I would get better. I just hate being invited over to a friends house or family and being empty handed!! lol… Because most of the time I know they spent a little while cleaning…maybe even cooking for ME:0) I would just like to have a LITTLE something for them:0) Heather has the instructions on her sight. I am so in love with her fabrics…definitely going to order some so I can make some pillows for the office and some dresses for Livy:0) I got my eye on her new collection NICEY JANE….love at first sight I tell ya! The best thing is that since she’s resides in beautiful Arizona I can go and acutally see them! Can’t wait…anyone want to join me???

Anyway…..take a look at the process.

After I finished stuffing it. I put it down to finish some errands. When I came back…I couldn’t find it! I looked everywhere…on top of things…under between things. EVERYWHERE!!! Oh well…I’m pretty sure one of the boys ate it…lol. I’m sure I will find it the next time I clean:0) But I did have one already completed at this stage(I was working on a couple) I think I like this one better anyway…lol! Brown Zebra fabric AGAIN!
Lets continue….

I am not what you would call a seamstress…but I do love to create things and make things with my hands! This project was easy peasy! Now go off and try it…or maybe you’ll get one the next time you see me…MAYBE:0)


  1. You make the cutest things. I am still coming over with the fabric for my curtains. We have work to do!!!

  2. ohhh yes! lets set that up this week! I gotta few projects i need to finish up! wuuu huu!

  3. I’m so glad I found your Blog!!
    Gurl, what DON’T you do???
    Keep it all up Ü

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