Soldering Iron Pictek Soldering Iron Kit 60W 220V Welding Solder Iron Review

Soldering Iron Pictek Soldering Iron Kit 60W 220V Welding Solder Iron Review

As we’ve mentioned before, finding the right soldering iron for your projects can make all the difference between checking off your project to do list, or putting it off until next year.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great options for your soldering iron needs this includes the Pictek soldering iron.

The Pictek soldering iron includes:

  • Soldering Iron x 1
  • Soldering Iron Tips in Different Types x 5
  • Soldering Iron Stand x 1
  • Solder Wire x 1
  • Solder Sucker x 1
  • Tweezer x1

Like most soldering irons, the 60W 220v Pictek has a ceramic heater core allowing it to heat up quickly to a range of 200-450 degrees celsius. Thanks to the accurate thermometer you’re never left guessing as to if it’s the right temperature for the job.

The Pictek also has a four heat emission technology so the iron releases heat as you work. One of the problems with some other soldering iron options is the grip heats up to almost unusable levels, which is not the case with the Pictek.

The Pictek also comes with a variety of tips and accessories so you’ll also be able to tackle a wide range of products, though this is fairly standard across the board when it comes to soldering iron packs.

One thing we do like about the Pictek compared to other options is it’s created with eco-friendly material and has a fairly high-quality design. It’s nice to be able to use tools that are not hurting the environment and that look and feel good.

The handle also is coated in heat insulated gel which in addition to the four heat emission technology makes it easy to use even under high heat. Of course, you definitely still want to take caution when using it, but they’ve gone above and beyond to ensure there are no hospital visits due to a hot handle.

There is also great detail paid to the craftsmanship of the tips which are held in place by a screwed down retaining sleeve.

While the Pictek soldering iron will get the job done, it does take some time to heat up for most use cases. And as with other options, the stand is a little flimsy at times.

One final thought we wish the Pictek had was a temperature light to let us know when it has reached the right temperature.

Let’s review:


  • Excellent design, especially when it comes to keeping the handle of the soldering iron cool.
  • Feels great to hold and gives a lot of control.
  • Changeable tips are easy to exchange and replace when needed.
  • Temperature guide on the handle is great for making sure you’re doing your projects at the right temperature.
  • Great length on the power cord giving you extra comfort and flexibility.


  • The sticker temperature guide seems to wear down over time which may be an issue for some.
  • A little slow to heat up compared to other options.
  • The stand is also a little hard to use.
  • No temperature light for when the desired temperature has been reached.

Whether you’re looking to repair your old headphones or other electronics you’ve collected over the years, the Pictek comes in handy for when you need it.

Compared to other alternatives, the Pictek excels in the overall look and feel.  

There are a few minor complaints as we mentioned above, but at its affordable price point, you shouldn’t think twice about adding it to your toolkit.