Some new house projects….

My chores aren’t done but I decided to take a little break anyway:0) Besides I know its time to sit down when she starts kicking and I start contracting…so here I am. Two days in a row! WOW! I am on a roll! But anyway everyone knows a while back we moved into out second new home, which acutally kinda feels like our first because well, you know the housing market in Phoenix:0) So since the beginning I have been drawing up imaginary plans for each of the rooms. I have sooooo many ideas that if I let them sit in my head and don’t get them down on paper, I WILL go crazy..not fun to see. But some how by the grace of GOD, an amazing hubby and some crazy deals the plans acutally come to realitly!!! lol!
Well I been wanting a chandelier over the breakfast nook since day one, but I really didn’t know what I wanted it to look like. All I knew is that the builder special was just not doing it for I went to Lowes and Home Depot and came back not wanting anything from there either. They have BEAUTIFUL lighting displays but everything was just a little to small or tooooooo fancy:0) So I went on the website OVERSTOCK.COM you know the place that ships anything and everthing for 2.95 or FREE! I started browsing and a real simple shaded chandiler caught my eye and I just knew I had to have it! The best thing it was very affordable and the right scale for my little nook! After going back and forth for about a month and a half between that one and another one…(you know I had to have SOMETHING to compare it to!) I finally put it on my Christmas list! That along with other housethings I needed, well wanted I guess:0)

Its funny how when you get older you start asking for neccessites instead of toys. I already had an Ipod ,cell phone,baking stuff and any other little gadget that was out:0) So I figured it would be fun to get house presents! Well Reggie did end up getting it for me for Christmas and I just can stop staring at it. It makes me so giddy. It’s not fancy, but it makes the house just a little more special to me!!! Not only did he buy it but he also installed it for me!!! YEAH!
So here it is all hung! Like I said I love it…it makes me smile.
In the back you’ll notice some other little projects I am working on.
Window Treatments….CAN’T decide between nautral shades like the ONE I have hung…lol. Or pretty shutters. One is way more expensive than the other! But I am in no rush. We have sun screen on all the window anyway!
Then you can see the curtains that me and my mom sewed up one day. I ran out of fabric so those aren’t done either. The bad part is that I can’t find the recipet that has the little numbers on it…I got the last of the fabric and they told me I could order more if I just brought it back in…YIKES..Lol
The last thing is my wall project that is JUST about done. Its called board and batten and I learned how to do it on the internet,of course! It goes just about 3/4s of the way up on my back wall and that to I ADORE! I so HEART any type of molding. You can’t really find it in any Arizona home so once again making my house just a little different! I have a little shelf up thier to diplay frames and nicknacks…I got the big & sign at homegoods…. My mom is so confused by it. She was like why do you have that up there? & what?

Here he is…installing:0) I used my new lens with this picture. I love it….during the day! At night not so much:0(


  1. Love, love, love the chandelier! It’s gorgeous. I really like shutters a lot and I have always wanted them but the shades actually look really good. I love the wall too. You find the cutest little things to do! It is soooo pretty! The house is definitely coming along nicely. Just beautiful. The “&” is cute too….lol(& what?) lol, your mom is so funny. Keep up the beautiful work. You are inspiring!

  2. Destiny the house is looking fabulous! I so can hear Momma C saying “& what!? LOL She is so cute and funny!! Well, I have to tell you I always love peeking in your window to see what great projects you have goin on! Framing is my new project and I always seem to get confused on how I want to set up my walls and scheme! I know you have some great links for me to look at online! ;) I’ll be looking in the meantime! :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Destiny, this is Michelle’s Aunt Valerie. Stephanie shared your blog with me, and I enjoyed looking at your projects. I think you should submit one of your rooms to the new Nate Berkus Show. He loves when viewers channel their inner designer and share…!

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