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Hello Homelovers!

How’s your Monday so far? Hope you all had a chance to show all the mothers in your life how special they are! May is definitely MY month! Tons of love for Mother’s Day and a week later it’s my birthday…nice! Not to mention the weather’s getting nice, vacations are around the corner and summa time is coming!

That’s why I m so excited today to be teaming up with my peeps at Homes.com for a little Spring Dreaming! Homes.com Spring into the Dream Pinterest Contest_316_blogsize-01

So what is it exactly? They have asked fabulous bloggers all over America to chat about what “Spring into the Dream” means to them, along with some beautiful pinning over on pinterest! If I’m the chosen one…ha, they are gonna hand me 500 smackarus aka cash!!! Yipeee!

I know what your thinkin …”Omg Destiny, that’s so SO awesome that you could possibly win money for chatting about springing and dreaming, so I’m just going to try my best to act like I’m really excited for you, without rolling my eyes.”  lol! Ok, so maybe not your thoughts exactly, but you know I wouldn’t leave you hanging!

If I win, ONE of you guys will toooooooooo! Not 100 or 200 but 500 dollars for you TOO! YES!

one for me

What could you do with 500 dollars? Oh I don’t know…


  • Pay that 400 dollar electric bill that’s about to come up in a few months..
  • Take a staycation in your home state! I lovvve the Phoenician!
  • Buy 500 dollars worth of washi tape…what, who does that?
  • Pay it forward to someone in need
  • Take your folks out to a fancy dinner
  • Surprise a graduate, newlywed or dad with a MAJOR gift
  • SAVE it for a rainy day!
  • Get that orange and pink ikat chair that you’ve been eyeing for months
  • Finish a project or start a new one


So how can you win? Stick around and I tell you about that in a few! First, let’s really get down and talk about what Spring into the Dream means to me!

When I first saw this tag line I immediately thought about the season Spring. Spring cleaning, refreshing and pressing the reset button!  But I also thought about springing/jumping into dreaming up plans for your home! I’ve always been a dreamer. I think anyone who has an ounce of creativity in them is too! I remember when I moved into my first house, I would print out the floor plans and draw the aerial view of all the furniture that would go into each room. Before amazing sights like Pinterest, I would save all my house plans in a binder and dream about how I was going to change all my white walls into these gorgeous spaces. I was always coming up with a plans, even if I didn’t have the money or sometimes even the skill, I never let that stop me from dreaming and it shouldn’t stop you either! So here are some simple steps to help YOU Spring into the Dream this year.


Get your Dreams Organized

To get all your ideas organized you’ll need to hop on board the most wonderful virtual pin board ever, Pinterest. If you need and invite, I would love to get one to you, so email me at destiny{at}aplaceforusblog{dot}com. If you already have an account then you know how wonderful it is. You can create boards/categories about anything from sofas to zebra print! Install a PIN button on to your toolbar and pin any image from any site and PIN it onto a relevant board!  Follow your favorite boards like this one I’ve created for Spring into the Dream, or your favorite company’s like Homes.com and repin some of their pins too! 




Dream Big

Once you’ve got the hang of pinning go and start dreaming of each room you would love to transform!

Dreaming of a beautiful outdoor oasis? DREAM IT!


{photo sources}


Maybe it’s a wonderful bedroom with just the right amount of yellow and blue…DREAM IT!

Homes.com Spring into the Dream

{photo sources}


Or maybe it’s a super organized space where there’s a place for everything and everything has a place. DREAM IT!

Think big dream big

{photo sources}


Turn Small Projects into Big Dreams

Get your dream rooms going by starting off with small easy to do projects like making pillows for your sofa, painting a dresser, or dressing up your stair rails with glossy black paint!

paint your way

{photo sources}

Little by little you will see each room start to transform! But you have to get GOING first! I know how hard it can be to take that first DIY step. But once you do, the results you see will be SO worth it!


Dreams to Reality

Don’t just let your dreams sit on the internet or on pieces of paper! Make your DREAMS a reality!

Dream big! So true! #springintothedream

{photo source}

Dream come True

The joy of making your house a home or
“A Place for Us”  is something that is only felt after a little bit of hard work, ambition and lots of dreaming! Just the other day, my hubby said “Thank you babe”

ME: “For what?”

HIM: “For all of this. You’ve made our house a home and I never really understand what your doing but I can totally SEE it now, it’s crazy how much everything has changed.”

Yeah, I totally love that guy:0)

Yes, your dreams are important. They may not look like anything right now, but that’s the beauty of a dream. It takes time!



So are you ready to spring into YOUR dream? Are you super excited that Homes.com, one of the nation’s top online real estate destinations, is offering such a fabulous prize!! I would LOVE for you guys to join me! To be eligible to win some money money money mona! your going to need to do a few EASY things.

  • Create a “Homes.com Spring into the Dream” pinboard on Pinterest.
  • Repin TWO photos from Homes.com’s “Spring into the Dream” board
  • Add TWO pins from articles on Homes.com blog  Feel free to add any other pins you’d like to include related to the “Spring into the Dream” theme!
  • Follow Homes.com on Pinterest
  • Provide link to YOUR pinboard on in the comment section below!


Homes.com Spring into the Dream Pinterest Contest_316_270x196b


The contest will begin at 9:00am EST on Monday, May 14, 2012 and end 11:59pm EST on May 25, 2012! If I win, a winner from the comments below will be selected at random on or after May 29th!

So that’s it! No blog or Facebook account needed!

Although competition for me usually involves a super fierce volleyball face because I’m about to kill the ball in some poor girls face ..totally YEARS ago

this contest is a bit different so we need to play nice…

pinteres photo


I did not receive any compensation or trade for this post.


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  3. I love you blog…here is a link to my board

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  5. Fun contest. Here’s my pinboard link, http://pinterest.com/kbunde/homes-com-spring-into-the-dream/

  6. Thanks for the fun contest, here is my board

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  8. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest. I hope my board inspires.


  9. http://pinterest.com/annstiptoes/homes-com-spring-into-the-dream/

    Here is my pin board! I love the spring colors – nice and bright with a white and clean backdrop.


  10. This is perfect timing. We are selling a house and moving over 200 miles. We’re also in the process of buying. Here’s my pin board. What a fun idea!!!


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  12. I could pin all day long!


    ccboobooy at gmail dot com

  13. Loving all the pins I am finding to add to my board!


    Donna Brown

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