Striped Bathroom —>shelves added:0)

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you know that I decided to put some BOLD stripes up in my powered room a few weeks ago. So we added shelves to the striped bathroom! I wanted some right behind the toilet going straight up. I picked up some 18 in floating shelves at Lowes from the Allen. I was going to go with the Ikea ones that are very similar BUT they were to THICK and I didn’t like the way it looked. But these, I LIKE:0) I like a little touch of modern in my rooms and I think these shelves do just that.
So after we hung them up I pulled out some accessories from my junk/craft/office room and made a nice little collection.
IMG_3889_5081 copy

After taking things off, putting some back on, and editing back and fourth I finally came up with a great beginning…..

BUT!I still have some touch ups to do…..eeek! ( I always start decorating before I finish the not so fun jobs…lol)

I’m going out to find a new mirror today…….I’m wanting something CHUNCKY and white or maybe a pretty blue to replace the builder oval one.


I also want to change out the frosted light covers:0)


And MAYBE if I can change the faucet.
I have a few projects I’m juggling right now..the front room,this bathroom and now I am starting to cover my gross dining chairs with some slipcovers:0) FUN!



  1. The stripes and shelves look incredible. I love to see how you decorate your house since we have the same floor plan. You amaze me with your eye for things. Beautifully done! Keep up the inspiration.

  2. It looks great! I’m motivated to finish my bathroom now!

  3. I love it, can’t wait to see it!

  4. Those shelves look great with the gorgeous stripes! I love how you accessorized them.

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