Superhero Birthday Party for the boys…

I’ve probably mentioned a few times that my boys are 12 months apart:0) So when it comes to planning a celebration we always double up:0) Well not on their FIRST birthday!:0) We let them have that all to themselves! I love planning parities and family get togethers! It’s so awesome to have everyone over and laugh and laugh….with my hubby that’s pretty easy:0) He’s a jokester for sure. Anyways I decided to give them a Superhero Party since I’ve been observing them in pretend play “flying” all over the house in apron made capes:0) It’s so hard to decided on a themes sometimes, because they are really into everything! This could have easily been a TOYSTORY party, Dino Party, Train Party or TRUCK party:0) lol:0)
For Mikel’s First Birthday I did a DIRT theme…including a flower pot cake and invitations made by mommy :0)…sorry no photo for the invite:0(
mikels first Bday 2mikels first Bday
For Mikah we did a football theme because our little guy was born on Super Bowl Sunday. I made a three layer cake, cupcakes, cookies and matching invites:0) SO fun.

mikahs first bday 2mikahs first bday 3mikahs first bday 4mikahs first bday
Here is what I put together for the boys Superhero party…
My sweet friend Alyssa Marie made the signs for me:0) and I got the cupcake toppers and signs I got from THIS Etsy shop!
I was so excited to find these Batman buckets in the dollar section at Target! I filled them with Batman socks and coloring supplies. Easy Peasy:0)
I had these cute shirts made from THIS Etsy:0) I love my BIG brother and I love my LITTLE brother and Alivya had a matching one that said I love my BIG brothers:0)

The menu was “Super” easy…lol. A HUGE 6ft sub which fed about 40 kids and adults…veggies…and chips and dip:0)
We set up an obstacle course for the SUPERHERO’s which was SOOOO funny! I wish we would have filmed it! The kids had a blast! The parents TOO! It was really funny to watch them while Reggie MCed! We also rented a bouncy for all the kids! Parents BEST friend at a party!


{Learn from Me TIPS} on throwing a Birthday Party……..

  • Make the menu SIMPLE! We may not be party experts, but we know people like to EAT! Provide a good menu that’s filling and cheap:0) Pizza, Subs, Taco Bars always work for us!
  • In list the help of friends! I am the girl WHO loves to DIMyself! So it’s really hard for me to let others have creative control…lol! But there are so many talented women who actually KNOW what you want if you can explain yourself well enough. Etsy is a great place to find unique CUSTOM party supplies.
  • LIST LIST LIST! Make list for everything to keep track of cost and what is getting done. I found myself a couple of times wondering how much I actually spent! That can be easily tracked by making list for supplies and groceries. You can also make a list for the projects you can tackle yourself and make  a reasonable due date so that your not rushing the day of the party!

In a few weeks will be celebrating MISS ALIVYA’S 1st Birthday with a Sweet Cherry on Top theme”:0)(yes that’s THREE kids born in Jan. and Feb…lol) Very fitting for a girl born in February! As I throw each party I’m hoping my skills will improve. I have no desire to have a party planning company BUT I must say I do enjoy making things cute and pretty!!!!  The one thing I learned is that towards the end I get so BURNT out. That’s because I want to do EVERYTHING MYSELF!!! THE CAKE, THE INVITES, CLOTHING, DÉCOR…yikes! lol..This time around I will try to in list the help of some talented ladies to bring my vision together so that I can enjoy the day…STRESS FREE:0) Be looking for this party towards the end of FEBRUARY!
P.S still working on that FRONT room and the bathroom! I MUST touch up my stripes before adding shelves and what not!:0)))


  1. Ahh! The party looked so awesome! Sorry we missed it, but we can’t wait for little Miss’s bday party!

    Can’t wait to se what you come up with!

  2. Silly question…how do you get your pics to upload like that? I love the look!
    btw…awesome party! Love the chalkboard schedule!! So cool!

  3. Wish that we could’ve been there! You always have the cutest parties! Can’t wait to see your creativity with Miss Alivya’s 1st Birthday PARTY! :) I think I will create a schedule like you did! It would be nice to keep the activities on a schedule. Great idea and super cute on the chalkboard (anyone who doesn’t have a “few” chalkboards in their home, is CRAZY)! Looking at the pics made us feel like we were there! haha ;)

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