New Chair to Share


  I’m so excited to have this new beauty in my living room. I got it a few weeks ago but totally forgot to share the chair:0) If you remember a while back I was chair shopping and I had my eye on this lovely upholstered chair with the tuffs.   Coming in a close second where these cane back chairs from Wisteria. Not only was the cushion a big plus but the texture would be just the thing my … [Read more...]

Designer Look -A-Like {Director Table for Less}


  Today’s Designer Look-A-Like’s  inspiration comes from this popular metal accent table,know as the director table. This beautiful one from CSN is on sale for 622.00 and boast an iron and brass frame with a granite black top..fancy fancy:0) Ballard Designs has a similar one named the Olivia mirrored side table  for 149.00. I found this less expensive one with a glass top at … [Read more...]

Homemade Living Room Pillows


I was so excited to receive my fabric last week from! I got started right away with this fabric….. I used the fabric to make pillow covers for my down inserts for my living room sofa. Remember these blue beauties I bought from Plush Studios:0) I took those and added my homemade pillows to the mix! I love how it turned out! Complete with hidden zippers! They were … [Read more...]

{New Sofa and New Pillows} Living Room Update


If you follow me on Facebook then you know a while back I received my new sofa that I talked about a few months back!  Reggie and I ended up choosing the very last one that we got from a local business in Chandler,AZ that I found via Craigslist, Model Home Marketplace. Robert Michael Savannah Sofa:0) Remember I wanted english arms, turned legs and a lighter colored sofa! Well this sofa met all  … [Read more...]

Designer Look A Like-Chinoiserie Pillow


About a month ago I picked up this really pretty table cloth from Target for 5.00. It was made by DwellStudios for Target and I knew I wouldn’t be using it for a table, but I thought it would make some super cute  pillows!The fabric resembles this DwellStudio Chinoiserie Pillow retailing for 90.00.So I made a few cuts and added a 10.00 feather-down insert and made myself a pillow! TWO pillows:0) I … [Read more...]

Mirrored Nightstand( Thrifty Find)


I think I fell in love with the mirrored nightstand back in 05’ when I first got married…I knew that one day I would have a couple of them in my home:0) I got pretty close when I bought some furniture for my master bedroom in my old home. Not quite a nightstand but I sure made it act like one….Then I moved it into Alivyas nursery…It gave the room and elegant look.This little guy only cost me 20 … [Read more...]