Family room Update and Changes


Time for a little family room update for you guys. It’s been a while:0) I suffer from it’s not done yet syndrome so that’s why I never feel like I can show you guys anything because really, it’s not done. But you love to come on the journey with me so here ya go. Last time you saw it I think I had a different sofa and I told you all about where I got my new one from.. We are still loving our … [Read more...]

Sofa Shopping and the Perfect Sectional


We finally did it! We purchased a much need couch/sofa/sectional for the family room. We had our previous couch for about 8 years. It was definitely a budget friendly couch that suited our needs really well. But with kids and life, it started to become lifeless, faded, and just worn out. We figured we would need one after about 5 years but we hung on for another 3 years. Just like every other … [Read more...]

One Weekend Project: How to make a Wood Top Side Table


Homelovers! How are you guys doing today! Ready for a great weekend! We have a packed weekend full of basketball games, Cinco de Mayo, mexican food, church and hopefully sleeeeep:0)  I hope you had a chance to visit me over at The Handmade Home the other day, guest posting from my friend Ashley!! She’s so awesome, you don’t want to miss her blog! Today I’m sharing a project that I've been … [Read more...]

Mini Living Room Makeover with Renuzit Fresh Accents


Spaaaaa Ringaaa!( in my lovely opera voice) It’s coming! I can smell it. I can see it. I can feel it! What about you? Are you ready for Spring! The great thing about living in warm weather climates is that you get to see those signs sooner than later! Our grass is a pretty green right now! So plush and full! I could stand barefoot on this stuff for hours. The the kiddies are really enjoying it:0) … [Read more...]

New Ballard Rug and Slipcovers


  I took a two week hiatus from my little ole blog cause I had my wisdom tooth yanked from my mouth:0) Yep, just one.I’m such a baby when it comes to pain! I know your all anxiously awaiting the fireplace. I won’t tell you soon, because I’ve been saying that for about three weeks now and I think your catching on to my “delay” message strategy , so I’ll just say…. I’m workin on it:0) Anyway, … [Read more...]

HEY! WHAT?….I’ve been busy you guys


{REPLACING DRAPES} I’m replacing all my before drapes with my FAVORITE drapes from JCPenney:0) NOW most people would pass these up judging by the PICTURE alone! LOL! But, I draped my windows in my old house with these in a linen color(pinch pleat) and now I’m ordering them in cream for 4 big windows! Best budget advice. Order a set or two every two weeks;0) These drapes are a steal I tell … [Read more...]