My Style Monday-I Love Gold

I Love Gold

   I have a love affair for the color gold. I seems to be my go to finish these days, and not just in the home. I have a slew of gold jewelry, statement necklaces, bracelets and the collection keeps growing.  Check out some of these beauties I found, that I think you will LOVE. Click the small photos below for the source of all of them. I seriously want … [Read more...]

I {heart} DownEastBasics+Giveaway


Yes. I.Do!If you haven't heard of this clothing/home décor company then let me tell ya about them! In a nutshell DownEastBasics is a clothing company that sells modest,fashionable and affordable and may I add WELL made clothing for women! Now don’t get all scared about the word modest. We aren't talking about turtle necks and jean skirts down to the ankle. We’re talking about  making sure body … [Read more...]

{Be Inspired} Welcome Ilene from Much Love Illy


I knew Creative Estates would be great for meeting new friends and I did just that! Meet my next {BE INSPIRED} BLOGGER Ilene the author of Much Love,Illy… She was apart of the adorable group of girls that I mentioned in my CE post a few weeks ago! I got a chance to talk to her while she was running her booth at the handmade market! I was immediately drawn to her COLORFUL handmade goodies she … [Read more...]

{SIX} Years…and counting!


Yesterday my guy and I:0)celebrated 6 years of marriage! I know every single girl thinks they are so lucky to have found their own prince charming, and I am no different. He’s SO amazing and has been since the day I met him!. I mean, he’s just a testimony to how great GOD is and how he blesses your marriage when you put him first!!! Thank you Jesus for such a beautiful gift! I just pray that I am … [Read more...]

My Style Monday…Jessica Simpson


I’m really NOT one of those girls who  follows celebrities. The only time I really read celebrity magazines these days is when I’m gettin my nails did…lol  BUT I must say Jessica Simpson might be the ONLY celebrity I actually know somthing about….well as much as I see on TV…lol! I LOVED her songs in high school….. When her and NICK hooked up and thought “OMG they are soooo cute” and then the … [Read more...]

Everyone loves a little secret;0)


Including me.   I got a card from Victoria( I call her by her first name)  for a free panty…(stop laughing like a school girl!!! We can talk about delicates here! We all wear them:0) These just happen to be super cute! and comfy and um FREE…lol. Which makes it 10x better. Sign up on their mailing list…go…go ahead. The Ruched Bloomer:0)Along with that they sent me a $10.00 off any purchase. So … [Read more...]