Fireless Fireplace Complete


It’s finally done! I LOVE how it turned out!! This is not really a tutorial but I will quickly share with you how I put it all together and what materials I used to get the look! So here is the wall before. My idea all started with a vision and painters and now! LOVEEEEEE:0) Just goes to show you can use simple materials to create something absolutely wonderful for your home! … [Read more...]

Mantel meets Autumn


Decorating the fall mantel today! I’m super excited to finally be able to decorate a MANTEL/MANTLE? Even though the fireplace is not completely finished I did manage to get the mantel UP and it’s making me smile.! I PROMISE to show you the entire thing SOON my dears! But it’s very much like me to get sidetracked!:0) I kept things super simple. Used my collection of pumpkins from last year…most … [Read more...]

Fireless Fireplace Surround Progress….


Well, it’s just about done! We finished up the surrounding part of the fireplace last weekend end and also made a mantel to go with it! Check out our progress… The first thing we did is we gave the fireplace an nice foundation by framing it out on the wall studs. We just eyeballed the spot we wanted the fireplace to be and taped it off to get a visual. We used 1x2s to make this frame….. … [Read more...]

Fireless Fireplace Project


Another project is up and started! I’m so excited about this one. You see I’ve always wanted a fireplace. But being that I live in a state that doesn’t recognize 35 degrees as being “cold” it’s an extra option most people don’t really get when they’re getting a new build. So it wasn’t a surprise when the house we bought a couple of years ago didn’t have one. But it did have the perfect spot for … [Read more...]