One Weekend Project: How to make a Wood Top Side Table


Homelovers! How are you guys doing today! Ready for a great weekend! We have a packed weekend full of basketball games, Cinco de Mayo, mexican food, church and hopefully sleeeeep:0)  I hope you had a chance to visit me over at The Handmade Home the other day, guest posting from my friend Ashley!! She’s so awesome, you don’t want to miss her blog! Today I’m sharing a project that I've been … [Read more...]

New {Seven Dollar }Side Table


A few weekends ago my mom and I, she’s my shopping partner in crime:0) went out to a few of the Goodwills and Savers around town. I found a few items but my favorite was this 7.oo table I picked up from Savers. It had beautiful lines and great details! I knew all it needed was a fresh coat of paint. SO I brought it home and doll it up for our family room:0) It looked like it was a mix of veneers … [Read more...]

HEY! WHAT?….I’ve been busy you guys


{REPLACING DRAPES} I’m replacing all my before drapes with my FAVORITE drapes from JCPenney:0) NOW most people would pass these up judging by the PICTURE alone! LOL! But, I draped my windows in my old house with these in a linen color(pinch pleat) and now I’m ordering them in cream for 4 big windows! Best budget advice. Order a set or two every two weeks;0) These drapes are a steal I tell … [Read more...]

Yellow Sideboard


Last week I was thinking about painting my chocolate brown Stornas Ikea Sideboard also know as the MARKOR sideboard,  a pretty yellow. Well, I thought about it and I did it:0) and it is one pretty piece of furniture. I went to my local Ace Hardware Store and picked up a quart of Ben Moores Hawthorn Yellow. The paint sample I picked up was a perfect yellow for this space because it was … [Read more...]

Another one saved…..


Well, I've been wanting/needing a sofa table for my family room for a while now. I've finally found one on craigslist that look like it had some great potential! But let me tell you,this one started off kinda ruff! lol I spotted her a couple of times on craigslist and each time I went back ....she was still there...nobody wanted her. I eventually contacted the owner and he said he still had her. … [Read more...]

It’s true…I save furniture:0)


Have you girls been to Target lately...well if you have then you might have seen this GEEeee or gous zebra bench they have on display, along with a bright banana yellow color scheme! It looks like so much fun, YELLOW and BLACK! When I laid my eyes on this bench it was like love at first sight...I think I even went home and imagined her sitting in my house nestled in a little corner...a reading … [Read more...]