How to Paint your Kitchen Cabinets


  Before I begin with this super duper guide, I must say painting your kitchen cabinets isn’t the easiest DIY project BUT the results are SO worth it. I started back in Jan. and it’s still lingering. So it takes some time. But remember I have 3 small kids that need me 24/7 plus the rest of my life. But for a normal human like yourself who has their act together,should be prepared to set at … [Read more...]

DIY Kitchen Shelves


As I thought about giving our kitchen a update with painted cabinets, new hardware, etc. I knew I also wanted to work in  open shelves into the plan. I think open shelves are a great way to add instant character to what can normally be a very ordinary space.There are so many different looks and options! But adding shelving doesn't have to be an a entire kitchen overall. It can be as simple as … [Read more...]

Pinterest Kitchen Inspiration


I know I'm suppose to be showing you the final reveal of my living room and dining project but I'm not. hehe. BUT it is coming soon. Just sit tight because I have one more tiny project that I want to add to the space. Plus I'm waiting to see if the computer man can recover any of my photos that where lost in the great computer crash of 2012. (did you hear the dramatic music playing in the … [Read more...]