Family Gallery Wall {Dayspring Urban Soul }


A few weeks ago I added some Urban Soul Plaques to our family gallery wall. You know the wall that’s growing and growing with no pictures:0) I won a gift card to Dayspring from my girl Andrea from WorleyHouseBlog! I knew I wanted these two plaques… To go with my other Fruit of the Spirit one… “Where you go I go”  by Chris Tomlin is one of my favorite FAVORITE songs. So every time I look at … [Read more...]

Better than a Birthday Giveaway


I know I said I’d do it again. But the fact is that last week seemed to be FILLED with birthday giveaways. Since last year this trend has really caught on in the blog world:0) Which is awesome BUT today I have something BETTER than a Birthday Giveaway. Like many other bloggers out there I consider my blog a platform. By definition a platform is:   1. A raised level surface on which people or … [Read more...]

One of those “Lessons in Between”

Every now and then HE peels back the dead skin. Slowly I start to notice the coldness of the world. Slowly I notice the burdens of others that have been in front of me for awhile. I’m raw…like an open wound. Sensitive to every move.  Things I love to do seem less important because he's calling me to see something different. Its like I can feel him lifting my chin towards him as if I had been going … [Read more...]