Alivya Nicole’s First Birthday{Cherry on Top}


I’m not one for lavish extravagant parties(lie) Whenever I see parties featured online I just have no interest in them(lie) hahahhaaaaaa!!!!The truth Is I love parties..not just birthday parties, but any type of get together. I love having all of our friends over. I love inviting friends I haven’t seen in a long time…best friends…work friends…church friends…new friends. My hubby shares this same … [Read more...]

Afternoon Photo Shoot… HOW TO


So for us mommies who have a fancy camera aka DSLRs but are far from PROFESSIONALS I wanted to explain how to do and easy photo shoot with your little ones using things around the home! I’ll try to keep the photography lingo under control: 0)Our little Alivya is coming up on one so I have been trying to get some cute shots of her for her party and other projects. While the kids were playing in the … [Read more...]

Sprinkle Heaven Cupcakes


Every year for the past 6 years or so I have been making Christmas Cupcakes to share with family and friends. One of my FAVORITE cupcake decorating techniques is rolling a frosted cupcake in fine colored sugar! I just makes for a really clean and easy to eat cupcake! So here is what you need to frost the EASIEST cupcake in the world……Yes, sprinkleies…I made it up…lol    I got my Christmas color … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day


Another wonderful Mothers Day! May is becoming my FAVORITE month....not only is it Mothers Day, but my BIRTHDAY is on Monday and then we kick off the summer with a memorial Day BBQ!! The boys made it a very relaxing day. I enjoyed every single bit of it. My hubby and boys just made me smiley ALLLLLL day! They sure know how to make a girl feel special. Reggie and I both made a commitment to make … [Read more...]

Pretty Girls!!!


So last weekend one of my bestest friends Venetia had me take some pictures of her and her little girl MYA!!! It was soooo much fun. Mostly because I had know idea what I was doing and most of the time we were just laughing and I was just clicking!! The photos turned out GREAT and it was such a good learining experience....about nautral lighting....iso.....all that good stuff and then simple stuff … [Read more...]