Ever wonder what I sound like?

Well know you get to know! Thanks to your AMAZING response to my little ole' Hallway signs and to SHELLEY who first featured me on her blog...I was contacted by Brooke at Sudio 5 in Salt Lake City, Utah to do a blog spotter segment on the morning show! I was SOOOOO nervous!!!!  But thanks to my hubby, and some good friends I was able to calm my nerves and actually do it! It's so out of my element. … [Read more...]

You know what I love…..


the fact that THIS GIRL... And these BOYSThey're ALL MINE..(smile)Thank you God for sharing. … [Read more...]

New Playlist

Just updated my playlist! Here are the songs I chose and kinda why:0)I think that the ministry of music is such a special gift to us! What a special relationship musicians have with our GOD! God has inlisted them with a wonderful talent. They could go out and make TONS of money, be super famous but they chose to worship him through song and praise. Because of them..we can hear the voice of … [Read more...]

What I am loving right now…..


So we are still waiting for our little girl to come! Hubby and I are so excited to meet her! Her nursery is almost done! We just have touch up paint, her dressers and crib bumper. The chandiler is sooooooooooooooo perfect I can't even believe it! I want them everywhere! lol! Can't wait to share pictures with everyone but until then,......these are some of the things I am LOVING right now!EtsyHave … [Read more...]



I feel like I haven't posted forever....been sorta busy I guess. Mothering, being a wife, and juggling all the in betweens..... But the other day I notice that life handed me some lemons.....so I made some lemonade. MMmmmmm it was good.....enjoy and while your at it go make some yourself.. If you were here I would share a nice cold talllll glass with ya! … [Read more...]