How to Paint your Kitchen Cabinets


  Before I begin with this super duper guide, I must say painting your kitchen cabinets isn’t the easiest DIY project BUT the results are SO worth it. I started back in Jan. and it’s still lingering. So it takes some time. But remember I have 3 small kids that need me 24/7 plus the rest of my life. But for a normal human like yourself who has their act together,should be prepared to set at … [Read more...]

New {Seven Dollar }Side Table


A few weekends ago my mom and I, she’s my shopping partner in crime:0) went out to a few of the Goodwills and Savers around town. I found a few items but my favorite was this 7.oo table I picked up from Savers. It had beautiful lines and great details! I knew all it needed was a fresh coat of paint. SO I brought it home and doll it up for our family room:0) It looked like it was a mix of veneers … [Read more...]

Yellow Sideboard


Last week I was thinking about painting my chocolate brown Stornas Ikea Sideboard also know as the MARKOR sideboard,  a pretty yellow. Well, I thought about it and I did it:0) and it is one pretty piece of furniture. I went to my local Ace Hardware Store and picked up a quart of Ben Moores Hawthorn Yellow. The paint sample I picked up was a perfect yellow for this space because it was … [Read more...]

Sideboard Color {just thinking….}


I really want to add some color into our new living room and dining area! I’ve had this wonderful sideboard that we picked up about 5 years ago from the IKEA clearance section. I adore the finish on it and it has worked so well but we are going to have a pretty dark finish on the Paula Dean Table…so I wanted something that was either going to blend in with the wall completely or add something that … [Read more...]

Striped Bathroom {complete!}


My heart said stripes so I listened:0) I love stripes…. Big onesSmall ones Short onesTall ones..Stripes on my bed,stripes on my head, stripes on trees and stripes on bees…ok that was my little Dr. Seuss moment( come one don’t act like you didn’t like it!!!)BUT  something about them(stripes) makes me… happy! I let my hand do the painting and my  heart do the decorating…and now it’ s done….and … [Read more...]

Striped Bathroom —>shelves added:0)


If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you know that I decided to put some BOLD stripes up in my powered room a few weeks ago. So we added shelves to the striped bathroom! I wanted some right behind the toilet going straight up. I picked up some 18 in floating shelves at Lowes from the Allen. I was going to go with the Ikea ones that are very similar BUT they were to THICK and I didn’t like the … [Read more...]