Our Holiday Photos with JamieLynn Photography


So our photos from our shoot are in and I’m soooo happy!!! The sweet girl from Jamielynn Photography is responsible for all the cuteness! She’s a local photographer in the phoenix area and is super talented behind the lens. You might remember her from this shoot with Vintage Rose Wraps that I shared with you this summer. Meet Jamie Lynn… “I do a little bit of everything.......commercial … [Read more...]

Easy Canvas Prints and A Giveaway!


It was about 2 years ago my hubby surprised me with my FIRST DSLR and I have been HOOKED every since. Taking pictures has become such an amazing hobby and an amazing blessing to my family! Just knowing at any minute I can pick up my camera and snap a perfect moment in time and get a PERFECT SHOT is priceless.The only thing I love more than snapping pictures is getting them BLOWN up and put on a … [Read more...]

Alivya Nicole’s First Birthday{Cherry on Top}


I’m not one for lavish extravagant parties(lie) Whenever I see parties featured online I just have no interest in them(lie) hahahhaaaaaa!!!!The truth Is I love parties..not just birthday parties, but any type of get together. I love having all of our friends over. I love inviting friends I haven’t seen in a long time…best friends…work friends…church friends…new friends. My hubby shares this same … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot {How TO}


Happy Valentine's Day!I think this just might be my favorite holiday. I didn’t dress my house up this year but I did dress up my little girl for it:0)) I know  I know..what about the boys?!! I have nothing to say in my defense…lolBUT…..Here’s an easy photo shoot to dress up your little doll with cheap props:0)My last photo shoot was outside in our backyard. This time I decided to set up in the … [Read more...]

Did I ever Tell you about our trip to Virginia?


THIS POST IS A FEW MONTHS OLD SO UPDATES ARE AT THE END OF THE POST> ENJOY!Back in November the hubby and I went out to Northern Virginia, because he was presented with a job opportunity with his current company and wanted me to come check out the area and get a feel of what it might look like to lived out there:0)…so I went.We left Phoenix Monday morning and 4 and a half hours later we landed at … [Read more...]

Afternoon Photo Shoot… HOW TO


So for us mommies who have a fancy camera aka DSLRs but are far from PROFESSIONALS I wanted to explain how to do and easy photo shoot with your little ones using things around the home! I’ll try to keep the photography lingo under control: 0)Our little Alivya is coming up on one so I have been trying to get some cute shots of her for her party and other projects. While the kids were playing in the … [Read more...]