Homemade Living Room Pillows


I was so excited to receive my fabric last week from Fabric.com! I got started right away with this fabric….. I used the fabric to make pillow covers for my down inserts for my living room sofa. Remember these blue beauties I bought from Plush Studios:0) I took those and added my homemade pillows to the mix! I love how it turned out! Complete with hidden zippers! They were … [Read more...]

Sew Easy…


So I just finished a little sewing project:0) Thanks to the VERY talented Heather Bailey and a Arizonan:0)! I downloaded a very simple pattern for a square pin cushion! I really needed one because all my little pins were ending up all around the room:0) The hubby was a little concerned! I used some left over fabric scraps and made this little cutie in about an hour! (over a couple of days of … [Read more...]

First Sewing Project!


So I am always looking for a new project! I have been wanting to start sewing for awhile now. I asked Reggie to get me a sewing machine a few years ago, but I ended up trading it with my mom for a Kitchen Aid mixer! Well latley I been really wanting to try out the whole sewing world, so I thought I would make my own APRON!I took some fabric I had stored up from my classroom and I used it to make … [Read more...]