Easy Peasy Five Minute Cake Pops


A few weekends ago Reggie and I had Kel’s Itty Bitty Basketball Team over for a fun afternoon! I planned on making some yummy cake pops the night but I FORGOT! I FORGOT  to make cake pops! Instead I took a shortcut. I used donut holes instead! I can’t get enough of the donut hole. They can be very dangerous;0) Luckly I had some on hand that Saturday. Here’s what I did……   How bout … [Read more...]

Sprinkle Heaven Cupcakes


Every year for the past 6 years or so I have been making Christmas Cupcakes to share with family and friends. One of my FAVORITE cupcake decorating techniques is rolling a frosted cupcake in fine colored sugar! I just makes for a really clean and easy to eat cupcake! So here is what you need to frost the EASIEST cupcake in the world……Yes, sprinkleies…I made it up…lol    I got my Christmas color … [Read more...]

Day Three! DONE!


Here are some pictures of the Project I Do!!It was my very first wedding cake ever! Setting up the table and everything! It was a great experience, BUT still not wanting to do this full time....maybe once or twice a year! TOPS!!!:0) I just love being a mommy:0) … [Read more...]

Day Two: What the heck was I thinking..!!!:0)


So I am back and Project I do is now OVER! After about 14+hours in the kitchen...I have completed my first wedding cake!!! Yeah!!!So Day Two was suppose to be baking the cakes...but I realized that that post wasn't going to happen, because I was about to fall asleep in a bowl of red velvet!!! I don't think I have ever seen that much cake before in my life!!!I mangaged to snap a few shots, but it … [Read more...]

Project: I DO! Day 1, Swiss Meringue Buttercream w/Cream Chesse


To start off this big ole project I started by looking in my very own library and pulled out these two fabulous books, Wedding Cakes you Can Make by Wilson and Confetti Cakes by Elisa S.. Both I recieved along with some other baking books last year for Mother's Day! Wedding Cakes UCM, has the best timelines and shows you how to calculate how much of everything your going to need. Confetti Cakes, I … [Read more...]

Project: I Do!

Guess what girls!! This weekend I will be doing my first wedding cake!!! yahhhh whooh!I am so excited! Desiree and Glen( Reggies's friend who was in our wedding) are tying the knot this Saturday!!! We are so excited for them, mostly because we have another married couple to hang out with and of course because they are AWESOME and so darn cute!So these are the facts so far...Type of Cake- She wants … [Read more...]