New Chair to Share


  I’m so excited to have this new beauty in my living room. I got it a few weeks ago but totally forgot to share the chair:0) If you remember a while back I was chair shopping and I had my eye on this lovely upholstered chair with the tuffs.   Coming in a close second where these cane back chairs from Wisteria. Not only was the cushion a big plus but the texture would be just the thing my … [Read more...]

Designer Look -A-Like {Director Table for Less}


  Today’s Designer Look-A-Like’s  inspiration comes from this popular metal accent table,know as the director table. This beautiful one from CSN is on sale for 622.00 and boast an iron and brass frame with a granite black top..fancy fancy:0) Ballard Designs has a similar one named the Olivia mirrored side table  for 149.00. I found this less expensive one with a glass top at … [Read more...]

Vinyl Lettering Fix


Last month I ordered a Groupdealz from SugarShelley’s aka HouseofSmiths vinyl business Wonderfully Wordy. She had her {123} numbers on sale for 2.oo! So I ordered 2 sets for mi casa. Last night I got a little itch to do SOMETHING so I went a little crazy and vinyled a few items around the house… Remember those vinyl blooms that I handed out at My Favorite Things Party last month. I stuck it … [Read more...]

Sofa Shopping


This weekend the hubs and I went hunting for a sofa all over town:0) Day one we dragged all three kids along with us. I’m sure they had tones of fun…:0) Day two we left them with my parents and took a couple of hours to do some final decision  making with no distractions!So from the beginning I had my heart set on THIS amazing sofa from Layla Grace.Perfectly Perfect. English rolled arms. Chocolate … [Read more...]

Target Finds and Wallpaper Quotes


SO THIS MORNING I HAD A AUSTRALIAN FELLOW COME GIVE ME A QUOTE TO HANGUP my wallpaper. I think it was a pretty fair price for the wallpaper and labor included. I kept asking him questions just so I could hear his accent…lol. Then he told me he was from ENGLAND….yep I felt like a dump dump. Even though  I really would love to DIY, I am excited to just have it done for me…lol. I guess it’s just the … [Read more...]

Prime Time….


The Mr. and I started to prime last night….who knew this stage could be sooooo BORING….hahaha!As you can see my max reach is about 6ft….I’m a shorty;0) I’ll get him to finish when he comes home…I would get up on the ladder myself…but today I feel clumsy and the kids don’t know about 911 yet:0)Here is the wallpaper we will be ordering  soon. The best quote I have found is from STEVES. Any other … [Read more...]