Global Chic with World Market


Hello Homelovers! I’m back today talking more about adding global décor to your home. On my last post I discussed how to add global influences throughout your home, without going over board. Today I will be giving you some more practical ideas made easy by a awesome new line at one of my favorite stores and also a My Style Monday feature…World Market!! If you have walked into their stores within … [Read more...]

Kmart Father’s Day Patio Party


Hi Homelovers! Happy Monday to you! Did you guys enjoy your weekend? It’s getting so hot here! Like 105 degrees worth of hotness! The worst part is…that’s not even bad! Try 115-120 which I know will becoming SOON! All though it’s super hot during the day the evenings are nice and cool so my family and I spent this weekend enjoying some steaks, yummy food, laughs and some new comfy seating! Even … [Read more...]

Mini Living Room Makeover with Renuzit Fresh Accents


Spaaaaa Ringaaa!( in my lovely opera voice) It’s coming! I can smell it. I can see it. I can feel it! What about you? Are you ready for Spring! The great thing about living in warm weather climates is that you get to see those signs sooner than later! Our grass is a pretty green right now! So plush and full! I could stand barefoot on this stuff for hours. The the kiddies are really enjoying it:0) … [Read more...]

Girls Night In Guide {Holiday Entertaining}


Thanks to Duncan Hines for sponsoring my writing. There's no limit to the baking possibilities, so grab your favorite Duncan Hines mix and Comstock or Wilderness fruit fillings and Bake On! If your thinking about gathering up the girls for some Christmas cheer, then here is a quick guide for a fun girls night in. Start off with a fun color scheme! I think a pink and green … [Read more...]

New Look for New York with


  Thanks to L'Oreal for sponsoring my post about my favorite beauty looks, tips and tricks! Check out for beauty advice from the experts.   Source: via Natalie on Pinterest   I'm headed out to New York next week to be on the Nate Show! If your new to the story then you can read about it here:0) I’m really excited and super nervous! So to get my mind off the … [Read more...]

Some DownEastHome Love


I'm so excited to officially introduce to you my newest sponsor of A Place for Us Blog, Down East Home. You’ve probably heard me rave and rant about them just a few times;0) Not only do they sell the cutest clothes but they have some fabulous home items online and in store as well! If your decorating your house for Christmas this year, then you don’t want to miss out on these SEQUINS … [Read more...]