You know what I love…..


the fact that THIS GIRL... And these BOYSThey're ALL MINE..(smile)Thank you God for sharing. … [Read more...]

Working on the boys room…step one.. STRIPES!


I know MY number one rule when it comes to decorating is try to "finish" one room and move on to the next, but I couldn't help myself with this! You see when we found out we were pregnant with Miss Alivya, it just happened to be the same week we moved into our NEW HOUSE and boy was I sick! I mean like I couldn't even help myself, let alone anyone else! So for the first six months....I just layed … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day


Another wonderful Mothers Day! May is becoming my FAVORITE month....not only is it Mothers Day, but my BIRTHDAY is on Monday and then we kick off the summer with a memorial Day BBQ!! The boys made it a very relaxing day. I enjoyed every single bit of it. My hubby and boys just made me smiley ALLLLLL day! They sure know how to make a girl feel special. Reggie and I both made a commitment to make … [Read more...]

He curls his toes


This is a favorite shot I did the other day. My hubby is always talking about how big Kel's feet are. He seems to be quite obsessed with his little toes and is always telling me that by looking at his feet he knows he's going to be 6 '2 :0) basketball height or wide receiver:0) Well I got a little close up of big boy's feet and I can't tell how tall he's going to be or which sport he will … [Read more...]

Mikah’s 1st Birthday!


Invitation I made on the idea from an invitation I found online! The cake I imagined in my head...did some sketches...turned out great! Had FUN carving the football on top....not as easy as I thought it would be though!So we celebrated Mikah's First Birthday this weekend with family and friends! Thank you so much to all that came and celebrated with us! We really hold all you … [Read more...]