You know what I love…..


the fact that THIS GIRL...¬†And these BOYSThey're ALL MINE..(smile)Thank you God for sharing. … [Read more...]

Alivya’s Nursery Part 1


So here are some recent/updated pictures of Miss Alivya nursery that is just about completed! This is the enterance to her room.....I love LOVE flowers..i dont grow my own yet so I just get the "artificial" ones..:0)Her little pettiskirt that I'll keep forever and ever and ever:0) One of my dearest friends Alyssa is an amazingly talented artist and painted this personal canvas of her name to match … [Read more...]

It’s coming along…I guess:0)


What you ask? Her room. Yeah it's coming along I guess!!! I have sooooo much to do still but here are somethings I've done or been working on!So this is the color that I first decided was going to go into her room. A nice Crisp Green from Benj. Moore. LOVED LOVED loved it in PotterybarnKids Catalog. It reminded me of a pretty garden and it looked soooo relaxing and girly. I even purchased a sample … [Read more...]

Nesting and Bows


SO about 9 more weeks to go until our little girl makes her arrival! I've been in a complete nesting mind set for the last couple of weeks. I am list girl, so right now I have about 6 list going, including Baby Room, Gameroom,Living Room,Baby Shower, Hospital Bag, etc. I am trying to do one at a time but it seems like my mind just cant stay focused on just ONE project! I have to say this is … [Read more...]



4 months later! and I'm back! As you last heard Reggie and I are expecting another baby and guess what it is!!! A GIRL!!! Yeah! I am so glad I got pregnant during girl season! lol! EVERYONE I know is have a little girl!!! Well you know how excited I am after having two amazing little guys! As soon as we were told the news I started thinking about her nursery. At first I wanted to do the … [Read more...]