Sideboard Color {just thinking….}


I really want to add some color into our new living room and dining area! I’ve had this wonderful sideboard that we picked up about 5 years ago from the IKEA clearance section. I adore the finish on it and it has worked so well but we are going to have a pretty dark finish on the Paula Dean Table…so I wanted something that was either going to blend in with the wall completely or add something that … [Read more...]

Shutters are IN!


We had our shutters installed downstairs Friday!!! Loving them!!! Before: When we first moved into our home back in July 09’ it didn’t have any window treatments…the previous owners decided that they needed to take them ALL! Why? lol! I don’t know, but we have lived without them all this time! We had sunscreens that gave us tons of privacy and blocked out the harsh HEAT! Which is nice but the down … [Read more...]

Wallpaper is UP!


Today we had the wallpaper installed….I’m really diggin it:0))))))………..BEFORES……..During…….After…..Lots more to do but what a great beginning!!!! So excited to get some comfy furniture in here:0) Have a great weekend! We will be having friends and family over to celebrate Alivya’s First Birthday…I’m sure they won’t mind a hanging out in a house under construction:0)What are you guys doing this … [Read more...]

Target Finds and Wallpaper Quotes


SO THIS MORNING I HAD A AUSTRALIAN FELLOW COME GIVE ME A QUOTE TO HANGUP my wallpaper. I think it was a pretty fair price for the wallpaper and labor included. I kept asking him questions just so I could hear his accent…lol. Then he told me he was from ENGLAND….yep I felt like a dump dump. Even though  I really would love to DIY, I am excited to just have it done for me…lol. I guess it’s just the … [Read more...]

Prime Time….


The Mr. and I started to prime last night….who knew this stage could be sooooo BORING….hahaha!As you can see my max reach is about 6ft….I’m a shorty;0) I’ll get him to finish when he comes home…I would get up on the ladder myself…but today I feel clumsy and the kids don’t know about 911 yet:0)Here is the wallpaper we will be ordering  soon. The best quote I have found is from STEVES. Any other … [Read more...]

Living Room and Dining Room….and so it begins!


So I finally got the ok from my hubby to start decorating the shared living room and dining room in our home! Oh you know I have been waiting for this DAY!!!! I’ve had an idea of what I wanted all along so I just can’t wait to get started. Check out some of my ideas via Olioboard….Can you kinda tell what direction I am headed? I really can’t sum up my style in one or two words…and least not … [Read more...]