The Black and Decker KX2001K Heat Gun Review

The Black and Decker KX2001K Heat Gun Review

The Black and Decker KX2001 presented a strong speed heat gun of 2,000 Watt and 2-speed with modifiable heat control in each heat application. The heat gun is appropriate for the applications below:

  • Stripping adhesives, varnish, and paint.
  • Loosening nails that are rusted or seized.
  • Shaping and curving metal.
  • Thawing water pipes that are frozen.

The heat gun is offered in a kit box, together with:

  • Reflector nozzle for working near pipes or closed spaces.
  • Glass protection nozzle for keeping glass safe when working on window frames.
  • Reduction cone to direct a lot of heat inside a smaller section for robust applications.
  • Wide nozzle for operating huger workpieces.
  • Scraper with multiple sides.


  • 2,000 Watt power
  • 230 Volt. Voltage
  • Variable heat settings
  • Range of temperature: 50-450/90-600
  • Flow of air: 300/500 liters/min.
  • Length of Cable ñ 3 meters
  • Weight ñ 0.8 kg

Features for KX2001K-GB

  • This 2000 two-speed heat gun has variable heat control, offering optimal control in applications for the heat gun.
  • A comprehensive kit with five accessories and kit box for each paint & varnish extraction work.
  • Removing varnish, adhesives, and paint.
  • The best tool for lighting barbecues.

Special Features

  • It has five accessories for varied jobs.
  • Storage case
  • Pistol grip handle

Benefits of Heat Guns

A heat gun presents a vibrant but affordable tool that can play numerous roles, such as welding plastics to small landscapes and bending PVC.

Although the majority of heat guns appear the same, the ideal heat gun stands out as it offers more, compared to the competition.

Keep in mind that a heat gun should be handled with care until cooling of the nozzle after use since it can be dangerous. This is to prevent accidental fires, burns or undesired melting. They might resemble hairdryers but operate much hotter.

You can utilize heat guns to remove all kinds of elements like old paint. Getting a surface ready for paint is a procedure that should not be ignored. There are two methods of stripping paint off. The heat gun presents higher temperature, compared to a standard hair dryer. Alternatively, chemical solvents are present which dissolve paints.

The hugest advantage of utilizing a heat gun rather than chemicals is that you can avoid inhaling overpowering smells and solvents that a paint stripper of industrial strength produces. This is particularly vital if you have kids residing in the home.

How to tell it is the Right Time for Scraping

When the area which is painted is uneven, begins peeling off or flaking, this might be a chance to begin working to extract the layers for another coat of paint to be applied using a sprayer or brush.

How to Utilize a Heat Gun on Surfaces that are painted

The same as when ironing, you need to shift the heat gun around, not simply concentrate the heat in one section for lengthy periods of time. After the part becomes hot and nice, you will see the paint begin to bubble. Scrape the parts of paint off.

The best thing is to work on small areas at a go. Keep the gun around one inch away from the wood surface. At times, you shall get an accumulation of filth on the scraperís end. When this occurs, just remove then start the procedure again.

Operations of a Heat Gun

Production of heat occurs when a fan draws in air at the back of the gun. The air passes above heated elements to form a torrent of hot air, emitting the heat.

This hair dryer works at high temperatures, varying from 1000C to 5500C. Avoid trying to use a heat gun to dry your hair!

Safe Utilization of A Heat Gun

Heat guns need to be held at a position of about 450 from the task. It should not be placed in one area for more than a few seconds. When the paint starts to bubble due to the heat, shift the gun and use a scraper to strip the paint.

The paint blisters and bubbles as the air and moisture captured beneath the paint increase and compel the paint to bubble. Avoid burning the paint. Just warm it until blistering starts. The heat produced by the heat gun shall have made the paint warm, to soften it. It can now be scrapped away moderately easily.

Some paint will be hard to remove, since it has not been sufficiently warmed or is captured between the grains. Avoid putting the wood at risk of discoloring or burning, by utilizing the heat gun on these small sections. Just sand the wood down to obtain a wonderful finish or utilize a paint stripper that shall not destroy the surface.

Purchasing a Heat Gun

The more a heat gunís wattage is high, the hotter or more powerful it is. A gun of 2000 W can perform many of the tasks you need to undertake around the house.

Utilizing Extension Lead With Heat Gun

2000 W presents immense power; when this current is drawn through an extension leadís cables, they can become warm if the lead is kept curled on the drum. When utilizing power tools, at all times ensure the lead is totally uncurled to prevent over-heating it.

Details of Heat Gun Nozzles

A variety of nozzles should be available with the heat gun, for guiding hot air flow to the working space. You can purchase the nozzles separately as well; however, you need to ensure you possess the correct nozzle for the kind of work you intend to carry out.


For homeowners and DIY fans, the Black and Decker KX2001K Heat Gun is great to have around the home. They are wonderful at drying varnish or paint, stripping paint, drying wet wood, softening adhesives, bending plastic pipes and welding some plastics.

Heat guns turn the most difficult tasks into tasks that are simple to tackle. They are very useful for many projects like shrink-wrapping, embossing, paint stripping or softening adhesives.

They make your work more enjoyable and are a definite must-have for everyone!