The same…but different:0)

The other day my hubby and I were in the kitchen conversating and I was telling him about my new plates…cake plates (HE hates when I come how with new plates or cups…lol) that I had just found at HomeGoods. I told him how I had been wanting them for a while now and when I saw these I immediatly thought…Alivyas Birthday Party! lol! Cupcakes and all!
He looked at me and was like…”Babe you already have that” and I was like ” Yeah, but its different”
Then I began to pull out my sets of threes and realized that maybe I did have a little problem…

lol…. I figured it’s like when us girls buy 6 different pairs of blacks shoes…our husbands see the same pair all black but we know we have the flats, the mid heel, high heel, flip flops, sneaker, and wedge:0)


  1. You are a woman after my own heart…I LOVE LOVE LOVE “tiered” things too, and you ARE READY for any party!! WooHoo!! Wish we had a Homegoods closer…at least we have a TJMaxx!

    Keep up the gooooood shopping!

  2. I love it! Give me one!!!! lol! I love you girl!

  3. They’re all totally different so I don’t see a problem. :)

  4. Hahaha!!!! Houston we have a problem! But really they all are different and fabulous! ;-) so if I ever need a tiered platter… I know where to go!!!!! ;-p

  5. That is too funny! So true abouth the shoes tho! Funny thing is we know EXACTLY which ones serve which purpose and our husbands don’t even notice that they are all different and unique in thier own way! LOL

  6. Where did you get the black fruit stand with the pineapple sitting in it? My sister-in-law has been searching for something like that, but hasn’t had any luck…

  7. I picked that up at Home Goods!!! It was a couple of months ago…but they might still have them! Good Luck!

  8. I LOVE all of these!!! Did you find them all at Home Goods??

  9. It’s like we were separated at birth!!! I saw these at home goods and walked around with them for like an hour before I put them back. I already have like 6 sets of stacking cake plates! I’m obsessed with them and fancy glass drink dispensers! And though I resisted these at home goods, I keep thinking about them!

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