Thoughts on Prioritizing your Life

So I’m sort of a reality t.v junkie. I’ve actually gotten a lot better:0) , and have eliminated a hand full of shows from my list, but there are a still a few I love to watch one including,  WeTv’s Mary Mary. 

You really never no what’s real and what exaggerated when it comes to shows like these but when I was watching one of the episodes the other day it got me thinking about how the decide on what’s more important, you know, priorities. These sisters not only have a very FULL time singing career, but husbands, babies, friends and life!

For me priorities seemed to get mixed up with the fun stuff:0) I have a tendency to let stuff pile up and then designate an entire day to knocking out that task. Like laundry, dishes, blog work;0) I’m pretty sure it has something to do with my laid back type B personality, but even with that being said, I don’t like being behind. My mind wants to be organized, I want my home, every nook and cranny to be in order, but it’s not! It reminds me of what Paul said in Romans Chapter 7 

7:15 “For I don’t understand what I am doingFor I do not do what I want – insteadI do what I hate.”

Ain’t that the truth! So when it comes to prioritizing your life, a few thoughts come into mind.

Write it DOWN. God, Marriage, Family, Home, Church, Work, etc It’s one thing to know in your head, it’s another thing to see it, So writing your goals down in a journal or even posting it on a family chalkboard can be so helpful when deciding what’s more important. Use it as a reference point when you can’t decide on something. Should I go out of town another weekend with my girls or spend sometime with my husband? 

BE DISCIPLINED. Set your goals and set reminders of what those goals are all around you! I think this is the hardest part for me. I know grocery shopping and laundry are important. But it’s .SO.BORING. I’d rather rearrange a room, paint a wall, or rip up some carpet. But at the end of the day, all of those things are really hobbies and my family needs some healthy eating options. Doing this will give me peace of mind about my children s health and allow me to do my hobbies without feeling guilty!

HAVE BALANCE. When it come to prioritizing your life, it’s important to make sure you stay balance and not spend to much time in one area. Spending all your time reading the bible and going to church might leave your family feeling very resentful. Even though it seems like a “good” thing. Strive to balance out time spent with your husband, kids and friends. With me I have a hard time balancing time with friends. It seems like the only time I see them is a birthday parties or via Facebook. Even thought social outlets are a great way to communicate there is nothing like good ole face to face, creating memories and laughing out loud for real.

Remember if your don’t prioritize your life, someone else will! 

It’s situations like these that the three-time Grammy® award-winning gospel duo Erica and Tina Campbell face in Season 2 of WE tv’s hit series Mary Mary as they balance being recording artists, mothers, and wives. MARY MARY premieres Thursday, December 6 at 10|9c and moves to its regular timeslot on Thursdays at 9|8c, beginning December 13. Watch a sneak peek here!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of WE tv. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Alexia Hankins says:

    This is all so true!!! xoxo

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