Today I’m still painting…

Old color….


New Color….



as you can see I don’t prep…or clean…lol:0) I just go. Well I did take down the drapes and other decor:0)

and  I’m working on framing my three interior windows….totally winging in by the way…lol! Fun:0)


If your following me on facebook then you know I’m also working on a gallery wall that has been growing with empty frames… can see a little of it in the picture above. Far left:0)

Oh! I can’t forget to THANK Miss Becca at Blue Cricket Design for featuring my blog on last week!!! Seriously so overwhelmed with the amount of LOVE that has been shown lately! The blogging community is one of the most supportive communities to be apart of! THANKFUL!

What are you doing this Monday?


  1. it’s looking good! :) I love the brighter Casa Alfonso that is taking shape!

  2. You have such a clean and sophisticated sense of style. I love it! And I’m so glad I found your blog!

    Unfortunately, I have to take a final this evening, but before I do I’m going to go check out what Hobby Lobby has on sale! Love that store!

  3. Girl I think we are twins. Bye bye camel walls everywhere! :)

  4. Looking good! I have a bunch of projects I want to tackle, but have been unable to get started on a single one of them.

  5. it looks incredible! love the new color :)

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