Wallpaper is UP!

Today we had the wallpaper installed….I’m really diggin it:0))))))………..

Lots more to do but what a great beginning!!!! So excited to get some comfy furniture in here:0) Have a great weekend! We will be having friends and family over to celebrate Alivya’s First Birthday…I’m sure they won’t mind a hanging out in a house under construction:0)
What are you guys doing this weekend?


  1. Ah, it looks great!! I love the contrast!

    I’m coming to your house this weekend!! :) See you soon!

  2. That is BEAUTIFUL!!! Why did I look???!!! Now I totally want wallpaper!! ;)

  3. Amazing!

  4. OMG!!!!!!! I heart it soooo much. It looks totally different and sooo much brighter! I can’t wait to see it in person! Greeeaaaaat job!!!!!!

  5. Gorgeous!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous!!! LOVE it!
    You have awesome taste and an amazing sense of style!

  7. LOVE It! Where did you purchase it? Yum, wish I had a wall like that!

  8. LOVE the wallpaper, it looks great with the wall color. The paper actually reminds me of your blog background, which I also love!

  9. Where did you find that wallpaper? (brand/store)

    Love it! Thanks!


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