We Painted!

So we…well mostly me, got all the painting done in the living room/ dining room area.  We both agreed because of the positioning of the two rooms and how much direct sunlight it lacks, we would go with  a “lighter” color. But not too yellow…not too white…not really GRAY you know? We really didn’t know what we wanted…lol. So I just went on over to Lowes with my wallpaper sample and picked up about 6 paint samples that might go. From that point we hung them on the wall for a few days to see what it looked like at different times of the day. We finally decided on Valspar OATBRAN…a gray beige. PERFECT for our space!!!!! Remember I didn’t want something that MATCHED the wallpaper…only complemented it. I’m glad to say it does!
Here is a little peak…..
So nice and bright. We want to extend the color throughout the main parts of the house. Just not sure how it’s gonna look in our family room which gets  A LOT of like…like halleluiah Jesus light!
I went to Hobby Lobby today. The only thing I got were hooks. I’m goin a little hook crazy these days. Just call me Mamma Hook..get it. hahaha. Like Captian Hook but I …never mind.
I needed one by the stairs to hang my purse. That’s my JoTote that I got from my guy for Christmas…ain’t she purtty!!!  I also rocked her on my anniversary…she was hiding though:0)
Then I got some hooks for the wall that is off the kitchen to hang my aprons and scarves and bags and stuff. Gosh I have a lot of stuff….lol. I do have a family,  I promise!
Speaking of them, I love the boys shoes they have been rockin lately…and of course Alivya’s smile!
IMG_3100_4075 copy
Reggie and I need to pick out some couches/sofas/seating for the room. I have an idea of what I want but it dosen’t match the price that I want:0) Hope ya’ll are havin a happy day!


  1. I like the new wall color, much brighter & better! Good choice!

  2. Love the color contrast of the aprons and the wall color! And that smile … Precious!

  3. OMG she is ADORABLE!!!

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